You can now buy this robot dog to keep the house.

You can now buy this robot dog to keep the house. Cybersecurity

The robotics company Boston Dynamics has made a specialty of publishing captivating and terrifying videos of its robots online. Spot, the robotic quadruped that has been featured in recent videos, is now available for sale.

Boston Dynamics video ad for Spot robot

This Spot robot recently made the headlines. He was spotted enforcing social distancing in a Singapore park. Widely criticized images as a frightening taste of a robotic police state and a blatant overuse of technology. Especially in Massachusetts, the police also use Spot to intervene in dangerous situations.

Security, however, is only one of the possible applications. Designed as an autonomous and independent platform, the utility of Spot goes beyond the security and defense sectors and extends to fields such as pipeline and infrastructure inspection, or research and the rescue. As part of a test program, Boston Dynamics has already made 150 Spot robots available to companies and research institutes, where they have been used in power plants, factories and construction sites. of construction.

Capture photos

In one of these deployments, a Canadian construction company used a Spot robot to automate the capture of thousands of images per week on a construction site, creating a continuous recording of progress and allowing builders to ” quickly identify problems.

Spot was also used by a team from NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory for the recent DARPA Subterranean Challenge Competition. Robots were placed in very harsh underground environments as part of this competition. Using Spot, as well as a range of integrated perception and communication tools, the team won the competition, demonstrating the capabilities of the platform.

As with many robots, one of the main selling points is safety. Spot’s agility, payload capacity and detection capabilities should allow it to replace humans in certain high-risk environments.

“At Boston Dynamics, we have spent decades creating and perfecting robots with mobility, dexterity and intelligence, because we believe that agile robots can solve a wide range of real-world problems. “said Marc Raibert, president and founder of Boston Dynamics, in a statement. “The combination of sophisticated Spot software and a high performance mechanical design allows the robot to assist difficult or dangerous human work”.

After the successful implementation of the test program, which offered only short-term equipment rentals, companies can now purchase their own Spot online. Spot costs just under $ 75,000, which is actually a fair price for a super robotic dog.

“You can now use Spot to increase the safety of people in environments and tasks where traditional automation has not been successful,” said Boston Dynamics.


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