Yealink announces the launch of Yealink Meeting

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Yealink announces the launch of Yealink Meeting, a cloud-based videoconferencing platform that allows customers to join a meeting with one click and participate in face-to-face communication with anyone, anywhere and anytime.

Since the start of containment, the videoconferencing sector has experienced a real boom with a record connection. The reduction in travel and groupings within companies, due to the pandemic, required the use of videoconferencing. This is why the Yealink Meeting solution perfectly meets the demand of companies in this particular context. Data security, flexibility and ease of use are top three priorities for businesses. Now, to meet the growing demand for cloud / videoconferencing communication and remote work, Yealink Meeting offers verified security and wide interoperability.
“Yealink is committed to providing our customers with more affordable and easier-to-use products to improve productivity and help our customers work from anywhere,” said Li Liu, vice president of R&D at Yealink.


• Easy to use: a simple videoconferencing system, allowing you to easily start or join a meeting with one click. Calls can be joined from the calendar and messaging apps, or by clicking on the meeting URL. The features are rich, such as: sharing instant content, collaborating with whiteboards, as well as managing statistics.

• High security: Yealink Meeting guarantees RGPD compliance and strictly follows its data security requirements. All transmitted audio and video files are encrypted to the AES-256 standard to protect the confidentiality of meeting information. All signals are encrypted with TLS and also has a conference lock function, which provides additional security protection protected by PIN code for all meeting participants.

• Global coverage: Yealink guarantees a high quality global videoconferencing experience. It provides close access to the fastest transmission channels, providing real-time communications and a stable HD video conferencing experience in all parts of the world. • Broad compatibility: allows users to join a videoconference via several modes such as PCs, mobiles, web browsers, Microsoft teams, legacy SIP / H.323 devices and PSTN calls. Yealink Meeting, with its all-in-one video conferencing terminals, helps to easily organize business meetings and ensure the productivity of modern work styles. The solution can meet the needs of complete scenarios for video meetings.

Video collaboration software for PC

Yealink Meeting is the latest innovative videoconferencing solution within the Yealink range, designed for office workers, business travelers or those working from home. Yealink Meeting is a best-in-class, high-definition (HD) video collaboration program created to streamline communication for today’s businesses. The product offers a one-click configuration process with rapid automatic installation, eliminating the need for long, manual efforts. Yealink Meeting is compatible with Windows® 7 or later, and also compatible with Mac OS X 10.12 or later. Yealink Meeting supports Intelligent Firewall Traversal for risk-free video conferencing.

HD video collaboration app for iOS and Android

Yealink Meeting is compatible with iOS 10.0, Android 5.0 or later, via an application launched by Yealink for mobile HD video conferencing. It is equipped with several network modes for greater adaptability, notably STUN, TURN, ICE. In addition, superior bandwidth adaptability and up to 30% video packet and 70% resistance to audio loss ensure smooth video relaying. Yealink Meeting makes it easy to establish connections with any user at any time, from any location and in any network environment.
Yealink Meeting is available for free, but also under three packages (Standard, Business, Enterprise) from € 16.99 per host per month.


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