Wild Code School opens 1st virtual campus

Wild Code School opens 1st virtual campus Cybersecurity

The Wild Code School digital school offers online 100% of its modules usually taught in the main. From the next return, students will be able to train in the trades of code, data analysis or cybersecurity whatever their location.

Because of the health crisis, computer schools had to ensure the continuity of their training by switching their courses to telepresence. As the distance learning experience has been positive, some institutions have decided to switch 100% of their courses online. This is the case of the Wild Code School, which announces the opening of a virtual campus focused on code professions, data analysis and operational security from September 11, 2020. Purpose of the maneuver? Train more students who are geographically distant from school or who need more flexibility in technology. The remote sessions follow the same logic as face-to-face training, given in groups, at the rate of a week of work punctuated between different educational activities (courses, client projects, interventions by professionals …). The supervision conditions are similar to face-to-face training: live virtual classes with synchronous connection of the students and the trainer, team work, videoconference and chat. However, to reduce the risk of isolation, students have the opportunity to participate in campus events, such as hackathons or job dating.

If the Wild Code School has opened a complementary version of its campuses online, it is largely due to the enthusiasm of its students for this formula. In fact, around fifty registration requests would be sent each week to the establishment to join its virtual campus. According to the establishment, the candidates think that having successfully completed online training can be an asset to develop their autonomy, their rigor and their ability to organize themselves.

Know how to telecommute, a plus for employers

“Even very recently, it was common to associate online training with a lack of seriousness or with a lower quality, whereas today, half of the developers work remotely”, assures Anna Stépanoff, founder of the Wild Code School in a press release. For her, knowing how to telecommute is becoming a skill sought after by employers, leading students to prepare for it. »After 7 years of existence, the Wild Code School has more than 20 campuses in France (Paris, Lyon, Marseille, Lille, Strasbourg, Nantes, Orléans, Toulouse, Tours, Reims, Biarritz, Bordeaux, La Loupe) and in the rest of Europe, in Brussels, Madrid, Lisbon, Berlin, Amsterdam, Barcelona, ​​and Milan. The network has helped train nearly 3,000 developers, data analysts and cybersecurity experts. Its diplomas are recognized by the French State and labeled Grande Ecole du Numérique.

Source: www.lemondeinformatique.fr

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