when technologies accelerate the return to a “normal” professional activity –

when technologies accelerate the return to a “normal” professional activity - Cybersecurity

The health crisis that we have experienced in recent months will undoubtedly have changed the rules of the game and led companies to rethink their organization and their way of working. In this context, the return of teams to offices, factories and even customers in stores is today a major challenge that companies must take up, while guaranteeing perfect security for their employees. But how do you quickly transform your organization and integrate all the principles of health precaution such as wearing equipment or respecting social distancing? This question requires a quick operational response.

Leveraging technologies to support change

The use of new technologies seems today to offer a relevant answer to secure the return of teams within the company. Thus, the major advances made in image recognition, Artificial Intelligence or machine learning are now real assets. It is a question here of combining these different technologies to respond to use cases which make it possible to control compliance with the wearing of compulsory equipment or the behavior of people present in a given space: minimum safety distance, number of people in a space, access control in certain prohibited areas, etc.

Above all, play the prevention and safety card

The objective is to set up an organization guaranteeing the safety of employees. It is not a matter of deploying intrusive systems that could collect personal information, but only of processing specific data captured by video and anonymized. So, for example, a collaborator detected in a space will be represented on the screen by a simple “skeleton”. We must not forget that the success of such a device must above all be based on trust and comply in all respects with the GDPR guidelines in terms of data processing.

Once the data has been processed and analyzed, it will then be possible to create alert thresholds and communicate in real time with the teams concerned. This can be done through different channels such as text messages or by email for those present in a meeting room. The idea is therefore to offer transparent and rapid information through all possible alert means in order to allow employees to take the necessary measures. In terms of corporate governance, it will then be possible to analyze a posteriori the course of a day, a week, and more if necessary, in order to initiate dialogue within the company and to adapt the solutions put in place.

Through these different elements, it therefore appears that the return of teams to their work environment can be greatly simplified thanks to technology. Once again, video recognition coupled with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning demonstrates its ability to respond to new uses.

By Baptiste Duriez – Innovation & Partner offer manager at delaware France

when technologies accelerate the return to a “normal” professional activity -
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