Watchguard completes its range of Firebox T appliances

Watchguard completes its range of Firebox T appliances Cybersecurity

Watchguard’s Firebox Srie T family of appliances include significant HTTPS throughput, advanced security services, integrated SD ‑ WAN, and one or more integrated Power Over Ethernet (PoE) ports.

WatchGuard expands its T-Series Firebox range with tabletop type firewalls. Three models are available (Firebox T20, T40 and T80) in addition to the T15 and have been particularly suitable for working from home, branches and SMEs. The latter and their managed service providers (MSP) will have gateway antivirus, content and URL filtering, anti-spam, intrusion prevention, application control, cloud sandbox, or easy-to-manage workstation protections.

The Firebox T20 is specially designed for businesses and MSPs who want to extend security to home offices and branches. It can be used as a stand-alone solution, but can also be managed centrally. Equipped with Total Security Suite, the T20 prevents outside people from entering the networks, while monitoring traffic to block any malicious parts attached to emails, phishing attempts, ransomware and other types of attacks. A T20 ‑ W model is also available with 802.11 ac wireless functionality.

Three additional models

The Firebox T40 is more economical and space-saving for distributed environments such as small offices, branches and small merchants. Also equipped with the Total Security Suite, this appliance is also available in a Wi ‑ Fi compatible version, the T40 ‑ W, with 802.11ac wireless capabilities that guarantee higher transmission and reception speeds.

The Firebox T80 finally stands out for its higher speed and enhanced UTM protection. An optional extension module allows customization of the port configuration and obtaining fiber connectivity directly from the appliance. This SFP + module offers an additional fiber port of 1 Gbit / s or 10 Gbit / s.

(Credit: Watchguard)

Enterprise features at a reduced price

Several features are common to these appliances. They can be installed with RapidDeploy, WatchGuard’s cloud configuration solution, and managed centrally on the provider’s platform. T-Series Fireboxes incorporate built-in “Zero-Touch” SD ‑ WAN capabilities that limit the use of MPLS or 4G / LTE connections, prevent forwarding of traffic from remote sites to a central data center, and support hybrid WAN architectures. All these models are also built to automate a maximum of processes so as to relieve the teams in charge of IT and network security.

Two out of three Fireboxes, the T40 and T80, each have one and two built-in PoE + ports that provide power to peripherals such as security cameras, VoIP phones, and wireless access points. These two models also integrate the IntelligentAV security service, an engine based on machine learning algorithms to better detect zero-day malware.


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