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Unisys Corporation today announced that it is supporting the Cyber4Healthcare project of the CyberPeace Institute, the program of which aims to provide free cybersecurity services to healthcare workers fighting the COVID-19 pandemic. It follows a public call launched last month, calling on governments around the world to partner with the private sector and universities to ensure medical sites are protected from cyber threats.

Unisys support for this program will include providing free online consultations to help healthcare organizations address the following critical cyber defense issues:

• How to reduce the impact of ransomware within an organization by taking advantage of proven strategies such as the Zero Trust and network architectures such as microsegmentation;

• How to securely extend the corporate network to support telework using solutions based on user identity and Software Defined Perimeter strategy

• A “checkpoint” of current cyber risks specific to an organization. This makes it possible to value the risks, in a client context, to prioritize the projects to be implemented in the face of the most significant threats.

Cyber4Healthcare also calls for an end to cyber attacks on hospitals, health care and medical research facilities and to hold perpetrators of attacks under international law accountable whenever possible.

Increasingly, hospitals and healthcare facilities are under attack due to the COVID-19 pandemic. INTERPOL recently warned that it has detected a dramatic increase in cyber attacks on hospitals engaged in the fight against COVID-19 worldwide. In addition, a joint alert from the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency, within the United States Department of Homeland Security, and the United Kingdom’s National Cybersecurity Center (NCSC) warned of an increase in cyber -coronavirus-related campaigns that exploit malware and password spraying to target health organizations, pharmaceutical companies, medical research organizations, local utilities and universities.

A global provider of global security for strategic infrastructures, Unisys is committed to strengthening the security of the virtual world. Peter Altabef, CEO and co-founder of Unisys, co-led the Cybersecurity Moonshot Project of the NSTAC (Telecommunications Advisory Committee for National Security in the United States) which calls for a nationwide approach to create a safer and more secure Internet more resilient for public services and strategic infrastructure services. In October 2019, the Aspen Institute announced the engagement of industry representatives, including Unisys, to address the growing cybersecurity workforce shortage.

Unisys security solutions, including Unisys Stealth®, provide “always-on” security based on a Zero Trust base and quickly adapts to any change in business needs to provide remote access whatever whatever the terminal used. Leveraging the concept of microsegmentation and a unique identity-based approach, Unisys identifies, validates and secures users, systems and data flows.

Source: www.globalsecuritymag.fr

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