To start the week off right, Vega still in the starting blocks for its spatial “car-sharing”

Pour  bien commencer la semaine, Vega toujours dans les starting-blocks pour son « co-voiturage » spatial Cybersecurity

When it comes to space launches, the weather likes to fuel suspense. The launch of the Vega rocket, scheduled for this weekend, is finally postponed to a later date. The rocket, which returns to firing point after its failure in July 2019, will take with it a new module, a dispenser, capable of putting 53 micro-satellites and cubesats into orbit.

Postponed launch for Vega, the future low-orbit bus for small satellites

The launch of Vega, which was to take place this weekend after a first postponement, will finally take place at a later date due to weather conditions. For its return, the launcher, which had been grounded since the failure of its last mission, will take with it a new module: the “Small Spacecraft Mission Service” (SSMS) dispatcher. He will bring 53 microsatellites and cubesats on his next flight, the date of which will soon be fixed.

The robots of tomorrow put on a show at the ICRA 2020 robotic conference

A new generation gripper, an exoskeleton giving its owner a third arm, or insect robots with surprising agility… During the Keynotes conference cycle, the ICRA 2020 world robotics conference, organized this year by France , many surprising innovations have been unveiled. Watch the prowess of the next generation of robots in videos.

Ransomware is getting more complex to attack critical infrastructure

A study published by Cybereason finds an alarming finding: ransomware targeting the industry is gaining in complexity. For the cybersecurity specialist, network intrusions are becoming increasingly difficult to counter. Therefore, new cyber defense strategies must be put in place, especially at the points of convergence between IT and OT.

The flexibility of cobots, an asset in times of crisis

The cobotic specialist held his virtual exhibition “We are Cobots” last week. On this occasion the Danish roboticist presented use cases for which collaborative robotics can bring more flexibility and versatility. A trend that the health crisis linked to covid-19 has only accentuated, according to Jocelyn Peynet, director France of Universal Robots.

CEA-LETI breaks the LiFi data transmission record

A team of CEA-LETI researchers has reached a rate of 7.7 Gigabits per second (Gbps) in the field of visible light data transfer (LiFi). A record! This performance was obtained thanks to a 10 micron microled, doped with gallium nitride.


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