The lengthening of the network equipment renewal cycle increases cyber risks –

The lengthening of the network equipment renewal cycle increases cyber risks - Cybersecurity

NTT’s figure is clear: almost half (48%) of NTT’s client companies worldwide still operate with aging or obsolete network equipment. The final verdict found in NTT’s 2020 Global Network Insights Report study reveals that the situation is only getting worse, as the 2017 survey found that only 13% of companies had outdated equipment. According to the report, this apathy is the fault of the cloud. Yes, from the cloud, because “as companies migrate their applications to multicloud environments, their investments in on-premises infrastructure decrease in favor of those in the cloud”, we can read in the report.

In fact, many companies prefer to continue to make the most of their existing network fleet and curb their investments in the re-architecture of their on-site communication and security infrastructures. This results in a proliferation of obsolete and uncorrected network equipment presenting software vulnerabilities, exposing companies to risks and threats to the security of their information. In Europe, the obsolescence or aging of equipment represents 46% of business equipment.

Obsolete equipment has, on average, twice as many vulnerabilities (42.2%) than aging (26.8%) or up-to-date (19.4%) models. These risks are further accentuated when companies do not install patches or updates to the operating system of equipment throughout its lifespan. “However, they continue to neglect this operation,” lament the editors of the report.

In this “new era”, as companies reinvent working methods, it will be essential to integrate resilience into their activities. “The pandemic will change the way businesses operate in the long term, including the creation of intelligent workspaces that allow social distance in their physical offices, while many of them will continue to adopt telework.

At the same time, the boom in new wireless infrastructure, up 13% year-on-year, and open coworking spaces will require an original approach to network architecture as a whole, “say NTT experts. The study is based on data from technological assessments carried out on a thousand client companies and covering more than 800,000 network devices.

The lengthening of the network equipment renewal cycle increases cyber risks -
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