SystemX: a grant of 35 million euros to imagine and design a safer, more efficient and more sustainable digital world

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SystemX: a grant of 35 million euros to imagine and design a safer, more efficient and more sustainable digital world

SystemX, IRT dedicated to the digital engineering of the systems of the future, welcomes the multi-year funding from which it will benefit, of 35 million euros divided into two tranches, the first amounting to 25 million euros extending until 2023. This funding comes within the framework of the endowment of 450 million euros over 5 years granted yesterday by the government to the Technological Research Institutes (IRT) and the Institutes for the energy transition (ITE) in order to support industrial innovation and research. This announcement was made by Frédérique Vidal, Minister of Higher Education, Research and Innovation, jointly with the Ministry of Economy and Finance, the Ministry of Ecological Solidarity Transition and the General Secretariat for investment.

The government’s objective, through this funding, is to “sustainably support companies in their research efforts when their financial situation could call into question certain projects essential to the long-term competitiveness of strategic sectors”, such as those relating to the digital engineering of future systems addressed by SystemX.

The health crisis has shown how digital can make our society resilient. It highlighted the importance of the subjects carried by SystemX: the resilience of transport systems, the management of the mobility of people and goods, the optimization of energy systems and territories, the optimization of supply chains or still industry transformation.

It is naturally that the IRT decided to enrich its roadmap in the service of sectors which, which have been under great strain recently, can benefit from scientific and technological advances in fields which are at the heart of the institute’s expertise. : data science, system engineering, optimization, multi-model simulation, network technologies (5G), cybersecurity and blockchain. Another major line of research for SystemX in the years to come: the hybridization of technologies with a system vision, which makes it possible to respond to the challenges of resilience, sustainability and sovereignty of innovations for the “next world”.


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