StopCovid, SI-DEP and Contact Covid: the CNIL plans new controls

StopCovid, SI-DEP et Contact Covid : la CNIL prévoit de nouveaux contrôles Cybersecurity

StopCovid is launched but the CNIL promises to keep an eye on the use that will be made of it. In a statement released yesterday, the National Commission for Computers and Liberties (CNIL) said that its controls will continue on the tools, after ruling at the beginning of May on the decrees that framed them.

The CNIL indeed explains that after the multiple opinions given on the decrees or the principle of application, “it is now a question for the CNIL of verifying, on the ground, the proper functioning of these devices”. The Commission announces that the first checks will begin this month and will continue throughout “the period of use of the files, until the end of their implementation and the deletion of the data they contain”. The CNIL specifies that its controls will relate in particular to: the procedures for obtaining consent and informing people, the security of information systems, data flows and recipients, and respect for access or opposition of people.

Inspect finished work

The CNIL already expressed itself at the beginning of May on the decree framing the information systems implemented for monitoring patients. Two opinions, in April and May, relate more specifically to the StopCovid application wanted by the government. But these various opinions related to the texts of laws and the CNIL wishes today to be able to control the implementation of these various information systems.

SI-DEP stands for DETECTION INFORMATION SYSTEM. This database has been in place since May 13 to “record the results of test laboratories (RT-PCR) carried out by all city laboratories and hospitals concerning SARS-COV2”. The decree establishing this file granted it a 6-month lifespan.

Contact Covid is a service developed by health insurance and made available to healthcare professionals. It aims to identify infected people as well as people who have come into contact with them in order to carry out health surveys, to support and orient those infected or at risk of infection and to ensure steering and monitoring action statistics.

The last axis mentioned by the CNIL is the StopCovid application, launched at the start of the week. The project is presented by the government as a complementary brick to the SI-DEP and Contact Covid projects, but has attracted a lot of attention and criticism during its development.


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