Slack launches Slack Connect for better collaboration between companies

Slack lance Slack Connect pour une meilleure collaboration entre les entreprises Cybersecurity

Slack has announced a new product called Connect that allows organizations to collaborate on a shared channel across borders. Similar to Slack’s Shared Channels, Connect is a secure environment that allows companies to bring together up to 20 organizations in a shared space for better collaboration in real time.

In addition to increasing the number of organizations that can be part of a shared channel, Connect also strengthens the security of organizations on both sides. All of Slack’s corporate security features and compliance standards will extend to Slack Connect, including DLP (data loss prevention) and enterprise key management through Amazon Web Services.

Regarding message retention, Slack clarified that Connect will adhere to individual retention policies if they differ from organization to organization.

Streamline meeting scheduling

Beyond basic communication, Slack explains that Connect will ultimately serve as a platform for sharing enterprise applications between organizations. “Over time, one of Connections’ biggest ramifications will be having a way for enterprise software to operate across organizational boundaries,” said Stewart Butterfield, CEO of Slack, at a media briefing. .

According to the group, Connect will also streamline tedious tasks like scheduling meetings. With the upcoming integration of Outlook and Google Calendar, Slack Connect will scan everyone’s calendars, including those from different apps and organizations, and suggest available meeting slots.

“After more than four years of development with its customers, Slack Connect is a secure communication environment that allows you to transfer all conversations with your external partners, customers, suppliers and others in Slack, replacing email and passing collaboration commercial to a higher level, “sums up the company. “Starting today, up to 20 organizations can come together in a single Slack channel, allowing customers to bring even more of their external ecosystem into Slack – like their entire supply chain , the company’s subsidiaries or their sector partners ”.

Connect is available for all paid accounts. Slack Enterprise Key Management will be available for Slack Connect later this summer, the company said.



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