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SentinelOne becomes the official cybersecurity provider for the British luxury automaker, Aston Martin Lagonda. In a landscape where threats are constantly evolving, SentinelOne has deployed its next-generation workstation protection platform to secure production, central services, the supply chain and local offices of the group.

Founded in 1913, Aston Martin has created exceptional cars built for the brand’s values ​​- beauty, craftsmanship and art – for more than a century, and embodies the luxury of British heritage.

In the face of growing threats, Aston Martin has invested significantly to make a major change to its cybersecurity program by replacing traditional antiviruses with an AI-based solution in the cloud. The antiviruses in place were no longer suitable, neither for protection against modern malware nor for the resurgence of ransomware attacks. In addition, their management monopolized too many collaborators, and the user experience at Aston Martin Lagonda was not up to par. Evolving within a complex IT environment combining Windows, Mac, Linux and cloud workloads, but also very sophisticated CAD, CAE and drawing workstations, Aston Martin Lagonda needed a technological solution capable of juggling, transparently, between different operating systems and equipped with robust APIs facilitating integration between technology and cybersecurity stacks.

“We had to rule out any solutions that would hamper our users, especially our engineers and designers,” said Steve O’Connor, director of information technology at Aston Martin Lagonda. “We wanted a platform that was simple to use and almost invisible to users, but that would inspire us with total confidence and guarantee us absolute security. What’s more, as Aston Martin Lagonda continues to innovate, we wanted a scalable solution. “

“We were impressed with the speed with which SentinelOne has established itself in the corporate security market, with features that no other publisher has found,” said Steve O’Connor. “Three publishers have been shortlisted for their POC (proof of concept). In this phase, SentinelOne clearly distinguished itself from other well-known publishers. We found unequaled protection and a very small number of false positives. In addition, users were convinced, all operating systems combined. “

The SentinelOne Singularity platform is the result of a product-oriented approach, optimized by patented AI and machine learning tools. It is capable not only of preventing attacks, but also of repelling each threat, autonomously, thereby relieving technical staff while ensuring that no threat will fall through the cracks. Aston Martin Lagonda was able to benefit from global security thanks to SentinelOne’s Vigilance MDR (managed detection and response) service, which offers scalability via its operational security center 24/7, 365 days a year, and protects against the most advanced threats.

“During the POC, we understood almost immediately that SentinelOne was the ideal solution for us. Its deployment was even easier than expected, despite the complexity of our environment. Watching the SentinelOne platform tackle the threats head on – that our existing antiviruses let in – was a great moment for the whole team, “said Steve O’Connor.

Aston Martin Lagonda joins many customers who have recently chosen SentinelOne to replace their traditional or new generation antiviruses. The publisher has recorded exceptional growth in the EMEA region, where it has notably secured in recent months, several dozen companies operating in financial services, commerce, industry and administration, with more than 50,000 positions .

“It is an honor to secure the workforce, platforms and systems of Aston Martin Lagonda. We are confident that the SentinelOne patented approach not only offers unparalleled levels of protection and visibility, but is also true to the experience we provide to over 4,000 leading companies worldwide. With SentinelOne, Aston Martin Lagonda is stepping up a gear in cyber defense, while reducing the operating time and expense required to run a global cybersecurity operation, “said Nicholas Warner, director of operational services at SentinelOne.


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