Samsung Business TV BET: pro screens at the best price to communicate

Samsung Business TV BET: pro screens at the best price to communicate Cybersecurity

Visual communication has become essential and takes place in our daily lives through multiple screens. The reception, the meeting room, the cafeteria, the doctor’s waiting room, the school hall, the entrance to the museum or town hall, the local café … there are many examples of these screens which broadcast personalized information or television channels.

Recent news with the Covid-19 coronavirus crisis supports this approach to visual communication in the company, with employees, customers and visitors, in order to disseminate essential messages such as behavioral security rules, physical distance , or deconfinement protocols.

However, many companies limit themselves to acquiring televisions from mainstream distribution channels, an approach often based on purely economic reasoning. However, these televisions have several major flaws: they do not incorporate professional components, are intended for limited usage times (8 hours per day), and have a 12 month warranty. And on these screens broadcasting is limited to TV channels.

However, companies of all sizes feel the need to also disseminate their news, such as their agenda, the presentation of their products, testimonials from their customers, or even governance messages as we have mentioned with the Covid-19.

A range of professional screens at the best price

Samsung offers a new range of Business TV BET professional screens with integrated TV tuner for communication, from very small businesses to large accounts. The pricing positioning of this range includes these screens offered in 6 sizes – 43, 50, 55, 65, 70 and 75 inches – to adapt to all environments competing with televisions.
What then sets these professional screens apart from televisions? Sonia DRIF, Channel B2B display sales engineer at Samsung Electronics France, highlights the professional quality of BET screens. The components have been specifically chosen, in particular the panel is manufactured by Samsung and offers a UHD 3480 x 2160 (4K) resolution in 16.7 million colors.

The screens benefit from HDR (High-Dynamic Range) technology and the color is optimized via a Crystal Display processor for high contrast (4700: 1) which promotes an optimized visual experience. We will also remember a daily use of 16 hours, 7 days a week. And a 3 year on-site warranty with a professional after-sales service “who answers the phone on a professional number”.

Samsung Business TV BET: pro screens at the best price to communicate

Customizable, integrated and intuitive uses

Samsung is the leading screen supplier at inmac wstore, with a market share of around 50%. Alexia FERRET, Display and Collaboration Product Marketing Manager, underlines the relevance of this new Samsung BET range, “which meets a strong expectation of our customers who need to communicate with different content”, that of professional screens with tuner at the price of televisions, and customizable content to display.

The screen has very intuitive software on which the user connects via Wi-Fi via an Android or iOS smartphone using the Samsung Business TV mobile application. On this device, it has a simple interface and access to more than 100 templates of preloaded content, as well as the possibility of loading its own visuals and personalizing the texts, to create its messages in a few minutes. A clock is used to program messages at the desired times.

A tutorial is integrated. Finally, the screen settings are protected by a pin code which limits potential interruptions. With the Samsung Business TV BET range with integrated TV tuner, companies and public services of all sizes can now have professional communication screens – with all that that implies, quality of manufacture and components, tests, duration of use (16h / 7d), software, 3-year warranty – for personalized display, such as TV broadcasting, at the price of televisions.

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