Saia Burgess Controls (SBC) introduces Saia PCD® QronoX

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Saia PCD® QronoX is the latest API system that offers a new evolutionary generation of Saia PCD® PLCs programmed with the QronoX ECS (Engineering and Commissioning Suite) software suite. It is the first API technology system that fully meets ANSI ISA 62443 Security Level 3 cybersecurity standards, for both hardware and software. This high-performance controller also allows object-oriented programming in structured language, according to international standard IEC 61131-3, while remaining compatible with I / O modules PCD3. The Saia PCD® QronoX system is particularly well suited to critical applications and infrastructures, in the sectors of water supply, tunnel infrastructure, district heating and cooling networks or even the production and distribution of energy.

The controller operates on a QNX operating system and offers real-time applications for reliable cybersecurity based on the ANSI ISA 62443 standard, the standard for industrial automation. Resting on such foundations, the system excels in the automation of critical infrastructures. Combined with user management by assigning roles, modern software and hardware methods suitable for encrypting and signing user programs and data guarantee access only to authorized persons. In addition, file system encryption supports micro SD cards up to 32 GB, thus providing enough storage space for user data such as trend charts, alarm and event history or all other information generated during operation. The IEC PLC presents the Security Level 3 security level according to the industry standard ANSI ISA 62443-3-3. An update to level 4 is planned as part of the further development of the project.

A single controller can process more than 1,000 I / O data points and integrate a maximum of 14 communication interfaces into the system. A high-performance and efficient design is possible above all thanks to object-oriented programming in high-level language. It thus meets the industry standard for application development by supporting all the languages ​​defined therein. Thus, the use of third-party or open source solutions presents no difficulty. Application programmers can freely combine different protocols via IP and serial interfaces such as OPC UA, MQTT, IT, Modbus or Profinet and CAN protocols for OEM solutions. It is even possible to carry out special protocols that the user defines in the application program. Comprehensive compatibility with the proven and established PCD3 I / O system ensures stable and reliable operation. Existing installations can be easily upgraded to the new features of the IEC controller, reducing investment and installation costs.

The Saia PCD® QronoX system currently available consists of the CEI PCD3.M6893 controller and the QronoX ECS (Engineering and Commissioning Suite) software suite for application development. While incorporating a large number of interfaces and protocols, additional software options allow hardware to be flexibly upgraded. In addition to the possibility of IEC programming, basic libraries and the integration of an HTTPS Web server, the Modbus, OPC UA, Profinet protocols and communication in open data mode are preinstalled at the factory. Thanks to the flexible extension options, the product becomes versatile and thus participates in stock optimization.

The application development software is made available under a maintenance and support contract (PCD8.QronoX-SSA) with SBC. Registered customers have access to an information and download portal which constantly updates all important information and updates. In addition, SBC technical assistance is available to help them carry out their projects.

For its launch, SBC has prepared a special offer for the fastest customers: anyone who decides before the end of June 2020 to possibly participate in a beta project will be offered, if selected, the first year of their contract maintenance and assistance until 30 April 2021. If you are interested in participating in the selection process, ask your contact at SBC to take advantage of this offer.


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