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priority n ° 1 of companies - Cybersecurity

The health crisis we are going through has considerably changed mentalities and highlighted the need for businesses to transform quickly to remain operational in all circumstances. Indeed, the confinement that we have experienced in recent months has shown that without IT, many companies would have shut down, failing to allow their employees to be able to work from their home.

Position business continuity as a subject of governance

Ensuring continuity of service cannot be improvised and requires careful planning. In this sense, various elements are to be studied among which we can evoke the subjects related to Business Process Outsourcing (BPO). Indeed, managing its business processes internally can have advantages, but in the absence of teams, the company is then hampered in its operation due to the lack of available resources. This scenario concerned several thousand companies throughout France.

The BPO then represents a real alternative and security to guard against such inconveniences. Even if the internal team is unavailable, employees can still use outsourced experts who will ensure the continuity of operation of the service. This concerns, for example, the support, IT and customer relations teams.

The relevance of Cloud Computing

The other lesson from this crisis is that the On-Premise approach to software used by businesses can also have limitations. To be convinced, it is enough to see the explosion of the use of Cloud applications in recent months. Today, more and more applications are used both personally and professionally. If today there are around 335 million applications, this number will more than double by 2024 and should reach the impressive threshold of 750 million applications (Source We are of course thinking of collaborative tools such as videoconferencing, but not only. We should also mention very structuring platforms such as ITSM or fleet management for example. Here again, the cloud eliminates the need for internal IT teams responsible for maintaining, developing and ensuring the proper functioning of business management tools.

Rethinking its information system and organization

The unique situation we have experienced shows that it is fundamental to anticipate the unimaginable and to set up agile and resilient organizations that can continue to function in all circumstances. In this sense, it is important not only to be dependent on internal teams and dated solutions or infrastructures. Companies must focus on their expertise, free themselves from tasks that are not their job and rely on resources and environments allowing them to work in all circumstances. Therefore, concepts related to governance, IT, collaboration, BPO and support appear to be strategic for the months and years to come.

By Fabien Fudalej – General manager

priority n ° 1 of companies -
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