Oracle Delivers Armada of Cloud Services to Enterprise Datacenters

Oracle Delivers Armada of Cloud Services to Enterprise Datacenters Cybersecurity

Concretization of Oracle’s hybrid cloud strategy launched in 2019 with the availability of its Exadata Gen 2 database fueled by flash memory, the Dedicated Region Cloud @ Customer offer allows companies to access 50 cloud services as well as a set of API and SLA combined in their own data centers. A price starting from $ 500,000 per month is announced against just under $ 11,000 for the Autonomous Database on the Exadata Cloud @ Customer service alone.

Oracle’s distractions in the cloud – at the time it was not so far ago when the American giant gambled on SOA – seem definitively buried. And it is not his latest Dedicated Region Cloud @ Customer offer that will show the opposite. On the contrary, Oracle has just succeeded – on paper at least – in catching up with AWS Outposts and Microsoft Azure Stack in terms of hybrid cloud. With this solution – available in 39 countries including France -, Oracle simply brings all of its cloud services to corporate data centers, to which are added a battery of APIs and SLAs. “With Oracle Dedicated Region Cloud @ Customer, customers retain control of data and physical security and get new security features and updates as they become available in Oracle’s public cloud regions,” said Clay Magouyrk, Executive Vice President of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Engineer. In terms of prerequisites, the company will have to ensure that the site hosting the Oracle offer has a minimum supply of 0.5 megawatt and an area of ​​almost 205 square meters, knowing that the implementation time is between 5 and 6 months.

A total of 50 services are offered in Dedicated Region Cloud @ Customer, divided between computing power services and solutions (bare metal, VM, HPC and GPU, OS management), storage (object storage, archiving, block, files, gateway data storage and transfer), data management (stand-alone database, database cloud services, Exadata Cloud @ Customer, database cloud service, MySQL database, NoSQL database …), developer services (Container Engine for Kubernetes, Weblogic Server, Visual Builder …), management (Email delivery, resource manager, monitoring …), analytics (Analytics Cloud and Streaming), security (DNS and Traffic Management, Load Balancing, Health Checks and Fast Connect VCN).

99.95% guaranteed availability rate

“You can choose between bare metal, compute, VM and GPU, database services like Autonomous Database and Exadata Cloud Service, container-based services like Container Engine for Kubernetes and analysis services like Data Flow that improve and consolidate legacy workloads transparently and consolidate them on a single platform to dramatically reduce TCO without the need for re-architecture, ”said Clay Magouyrk. “You also have access to a full set of development services like API Gateway and Events Service that can help you gradually modernize the stack in place, thereby reducing the risk and expense of adopting new technologies.” You can run applications with the same SLAs for availability, management, and performance as the Oracle public region, and reconcile cloud services with data and applications that will not transition to the public cloud for several years. ” Unsurprisingly, Dedicated Region Cloud @ Customer is also designed to run seamlessly with in-house SaaS products (ERP-Financials, HCM, SCM …).

In terms of SLA, Oracle guarantees an availability rate of 99.95% and contractually provides performance on storage (IOPS) and the network. On the security side, SOC 1 and 2, ISO 27001/27017 and support for NIST 800-53 rev4 are offered, as well as 24/7 support. Concerning the tariffs, Oracle announces that its entire offer is available from an expenditure commitment per month of $ 500,000 over three years. Another example of pricing: the only Oracle Autonomous Database service on Exadata Cloud @ Customer – automation having become in recent months the spearhead of the strategy of the American supplier including in France – is offered from a minimum amount spent $ 10,800 per month. If Oracle took care to compare its latest offer with AWS Outposts and Azure Stack – and without great surprise to bring it out above the fray – the supplier did not however provide a comparative table putting face to face the cost of its offer with equivalents in purchase of license over several years. Beyond an uncertain addition in favor of the cloud, the question also arises about the opportunity for companies to put all their eggs in one basket with the inherent risk that this entails in terms of reversibility.


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