Oracle Brings A Complete Line Of Cloud Services To Onpremise Data Centers

Oracle Brings A Complete Line Of Cloud Services To Onpremise Data Centers Cybersecurity

Oracle has just announced the extension of its Cloud @ Customer hybrid cloud offer with the launch of Dedicated Region Cloud @ Customer. This new fully managed service allows customers to access all of Oracle’s public cloud services, including their Autonomous Database and SaaS applications.

Customers pay for the services they use, says Oracle, with the requirement to spend at least $ 500,000 a month for three years. This pricing makes the new hybrid offering accessible to large and medium-sized businesses, said Steve Daheb, SVP, Oracle Cloud, at ZDNet.

Oracle previously offered Exadata, a fast Oracle database platform, provided as a cloud service in customer data centers via Cloud @ Customer. With more than 50 cloud services offered on on-premise, Oracle plans to secure a larger market share in the cloud market by winning customers with workloads that – for various reasons – are not suitable for operation on the public cloud. This includes workloads that require very low latency, must meet data residency requirements, or must remain highly secure.

New initiative in the hybrid cloud

Other cloud computing providers offer various types of hybrid platforms. The most comparable offer is that of Amazon Web Services, which also positions a piece of AWS in a customer’s data center. AWS has just announced that RDS databases, including MySQL and PostgreSQL, are now available on Outposts.

Oracle says that with Autonomous Database on Oracle Exadata Cloud @ Customer, organizations get SQL latency 98% lower than they would get with RDS on AWS Outposts. In addition, Oracle reports that customers can work with databases up to 7 times larger, achieve better consolidation of databases, and improve performance with up to 12 times higher SQL IOPS throughput and throughput. SQL 10 times higher.

Setting up Autonomous Database on-premises via Cloud @ Customer should be particularly appealing to existing Oracle customers, said Larry Ellison, co-founder and CTO of Oracle. “We think it will be attractive to all of our onpremise customers, large and small, and will ease their transition from onpremise to the public cloud during this long period of coexistence where you have your own data centers and a public cloud, the two operating together, “he said. “We think it will be one of our most important and popular new products.”

Same API, SLA, price and security levels as on Oracle’s public cloud

Ellison noted that the company has “hundreds of thousands of customers (who use their) databases, including all large companies”. Oracle also recently launched Gen2 Cloud, designed specifically for the enterprise, but the company remains a niche infrastructure provider, with a fraction of the market share held by Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure. Ellison has repeatedly stated that Autonomous Database is one of the “key areas that will determine Oracle’s future in the cloud”.

Fully managed Cloud @ Customer offers the same APIs, SLAs, pricing, and security levels that customers would get on Oracle’s public cloud. New features and functions should also be available as soon as they are available on the public cloud. Customer data, including all API operations, remains local to customer data centers, says Oracle.

Customers currently using the new Dedicated Region Cloud @ Customer include the Nomura Research Institute (NRI) in Japan, Japan’s largest management consulting and economic research company, and an Omani information technology group and communications.

Deployment of Dedicated Region Cloud @ Customer should only take a few weeks, according to Oracle, while deployment of Autonomous Database on Cloud @ Customer generally takes less than a week.


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