Mozilla Stops Firefox 78 Deployment – Then Relaunches After Search Engine Bug Fix

Mozilla stoppe le déploiement de Firefox 78 - puis le relance après une correction de bug sur les moteurs de recherche Cybersecurity

Mozilla didn’t release Firefox 78 until the very end of June. But the foundation was forced to stop the deployment because the search engines were missing from the browser. According to the bug report, Firefox 78 did not display the search engines as well as the list of search engines. In addition, the automatic entry feature in the address bar was not activated and the search on the home page did not launch a search.

The bug was deemed serious enough for Mozilla to stop deploying Firefox 78. This problem affected the stable version and the extended version (ESR – Extended Support Release) of Firefox support when the browser was updated to the new version. New installations of Firefox are not affected.

For several hours now, downloading the latest version of Firefox has once again given users access to Firefox 78.0.1.

New protection features

The ESR version of Firefox 78 offers businesses all the functionality updates from Firefox 68, such as the Service Worker and Push APIs, blocking of automatic playback of videos and picture-in-picture support, according to the Firefox Enterprise release notes.

Firefox 78 introduces new features to the protection dashboard, which provide users with a summary of activity. New features allow users to track the number of resolved breaches from the dashboard and see if saved passwords have been exposed during a data breach.

Mozilla also fixed an issue with its implementation of WebRTC for video calling in Firefox. From now on, a screen saver will no longer interrupt WebRTC calls on Firefox.

End of support for versions 10.9, 10.10 and 10.11 of MacOS

In this version, Mozilla has decided to abandon support for the old TLS 1.0 and TLS 1.1 protocols. He originally planned to drop support for these protocols in Firefox 74, but last March, during the coronavirus pandemic, Mozilla reactivated this support to ensure that people can still access essential websites. , even if they have not upgraded to TLS 1.2. Some 850,000 people were still on older versions of TLS as of last March. “Sites that do not support version 1.2 of TLS will now display an error page,” said Mozilla in the Firefox 78 release notes.

Also note, Firefox 78 is the latest major version that supports MacOS versions 10.9, 10.10 and 10.11. Users of these platforms can run Firefox ESR 78.x to ensure that they are supported until the end of the year.

Finally, Firefox 78 deals with seven very serious security vulnerabilities, four medium security vulnerabilities, two low security vulnerabilities and a set of very serious memory security vulnerabilities.

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