Microsoft’s “Safe Documents” feature is now available in Office 365

Microsoft's "Safe Documents" feature is now available in Office 365 Cybersecurity

Microsoft has made available its new “Safe Documents” functionality for Office 365 users, as announced last night on its blog.

The new feature, launched in private preview in February 2020, extends “Protected View”, a security feature present by default in Office 365 applications.

Protected view

Protected View works by opening suspicious files in read-only mode, where all editing and execution of dynamic content is blocked by default.

Protected view is activated for all files originating from outside an organization, such as files opened from the internet, files received as an attachment in an email (from domains not marked as safe by a system administrator) ), or files opened from an insecure storage location (such as the Temp folder).

However, users sometimes have to modify these files to do their job, and for that they have to leave the sandbox of the protected view. This is where the Safe Documents feature comes in.

Edit a document securely

Microsoft says that when users choose to exit protected view mode – if Safe Documents mode is enabled – it will send the file to Microsoft Defender Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) (the commercial version of Microsoft Defender) and have it scanned before allow the user to exit the protected view and modify the file.


When the file is scanned, the protected view remains active, but if the file is deemed safe, the “Activate editing” button then appears, allowing users to completely exit the protected view and enter the edit mode. Office normal.


If the file is found to be malicious or to contain malicious or suspicious functions, it is blocked and cannot leave the protected view. An alert is sent to the company’s Office 365 dashboard.


Microsoft announces that, as of this week, Safe Documents has been available for Office 365 customers with an E5 license – the highest and most expensive level of Office 365 in the company.

Safe Documents is disabled by default, so administrators will need to manually enable it from their Office 365 dashboards.

Once activated, the function becomes active for all users of an organization. Support for enabling the feature for Office 365 user groups will be added in a future update, Microsoft added on Twitter on Tuesday.

To learn more about Safe Documents, you can visit the official Microsoft support page.



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