Mercedes partners with Nvidia to develop new generation autonomous vehicles by 2024

Mercedes s’associe à Nvidia pour développer des véhicules autonomes nouvelle génération d’ici 2024 Cybersecurity

This is the first time that such collaboration has seen the light of day in the transport sector! Only a few days after the suspension of its partnership with BMW in the deployment of autonomous vehicles, Mercedes-Benz announced, with great fanfare this June 23, its cooperation with one of the leaders of graphics processors and on-board computing, Nvidia .

The goal of this duo – unprecedented, as highlighted by Jensen Huang, CEO of Nvidia: to develop an on-board computer system, based on Nvidia Drive, which will be installed on all Mercedes-Benz vehicles from 2024.

This System on chip (SoC), called Nvidia Orin, is based on the architecture of the supercomputer Nvidia Ampere, unveiled last May. ” All software functions will be integrated into a single operating system, MBUX, developed a few years ago by Mercedes-Benz Said Ola Källenius, chairman of the board of Daimler and director of Mercedes-Benz Cars. Nvidia and Mercedes-Benz will jointly develop automated automotive applications powered by artificial intelligence algorithms, supported by the Drive platform, in order to reach levels 2 and 3 of autonomy – according to the SAE standard – as well as automated parking functions up to level 4.

A system with more computing power than necessary

This centralization of autonomy functions in a single software infrastructure makes it possible to simplify maintenance and updates: ” As technology and the regulatory framework develop, it will be possible to update each car online to enable new automated driving, safety and comfort features. », Can be read in the joint press release of the two groups. To facilitate the implementation of these new functions, ” the system will have a lot more computing power than the vehicles will need when they leave Says Jensen Huang.

Mercedes partners with Nvidia to develop new generation autonomous vehicles by 2024

Asked about the link between this announcement and the end of the cooperation between the Daimler and BMW groups, Ola Källenius preferred to call it ” pause “But confirmed the cause and effect relationship between the two:” This is a problem of timing: today, we have decided to focus instead on mastering the software package of our new generation vehicles.


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