Linus Torvalds says Linux 5.8 is “one of the best versions of all time”

Linus Torvalds says Linux 5.8 is "one of the best versions of all time" Cybersecurity

Linux kernel maintainer Linus Torvalds seems delighted with the first draft of the Linux 5.8 kernel, which contains 800,000 new lines of code and over 14,000 modified files, representing a revision of about 20% of the kernel files. “I did not really expect that, but this version 5.8 seems to be one of our best versions of all time”, was delighted the creator of the kernel during the presentation of this new kernel.

It had not all started well, however. At the beginning of this month, Linus Torvalds had indeed harshly criticized a security patch developed by AWS engineers for Linux 5.8, which he said could have resulted in a decrease in the performance of certain applications. With this fix complete, he was happy with the pace of Linux kernel development, which focused on core components, driver updates, and kernel design improvements.

Linux kernel version 5.8 is roughly the same size as Linux version 4.9 of 2016, which Torvalds then estimated to be “the largest we have ever had” and spanned over 22 million lines of code. A size however “artificial” according to him, who had put forward the Greybus driver subsystem to support Google’s modular smartphone, the Ara project, now abandoned.

Big is better

“With version 5.8, we have no signs of this kind of problem making the version bigger – there’s just a lot of development in there,” writes Linus Torvalds. If the new version is therefore very voluminous, it contains fewer new lines of code than version 4.12, which remains to this day the “undisputed champion of size”.

Note that other kernels have been of comparable size due to particular subsystems. For example, version 4.2 added another line count overrun for AMD’s GPU driver, while version 2.6.29 included significant staging driver additions.

Linux 5.8 provides updates for Microsoft’s Hyper-V virtualization platform, Arm chips, Direct Rendering Manager (DRM) subsystem, networking, drivers, IBM Power PC, exFAT file system from Microsoft, recently opened, and much more. Despite its size, Linus Torvalds does not expect Linux version 5.8 to be an annoying version.



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