Juniper Mist Unveils Corporate Contact Tracing Solution Combining Bluetooth, WiFi and AI

Covid-19 : Juniper Mist dévoile une solution de traçage de contacts en entreprise combinant Bluetooth, WiFi et IA Cybersecurity

She presents it as an alternative to StopCovid, the French government’s contact tracking application, for resuming business activities. Requested by ” a dozen clients during containment “Says Vice-President Jeff Aaron, Mist Systems, an American company specializing in wireless networks acquired by cybersecurity giant Juniper Networks in March 2019, revealed, at the end of May, a tool suitable for resuming professional activities after the Covid-19 containment episode.

Or rather a range of three new tools. By combining its access points installed on a network of two-way antennas and its cloud services with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) devices, Mist offers its customers wishing to control in real time any contamination in their buildings deploy the following applications:

  • Proximity research: if a person has symptoms of Covid-19 or is tested positive, the company can quickly identify and notify other employees, guests or customers who may have been close to this person during their stay on the site. site.

  • Route mapping, the traffic history of employees who reported having tested positive for Covid-19 – from their arrival on site to their departure. It identifies high traffic areas (hot areas) in order to be able to take security measures such as reconfiguring work spaces and deploying additional cleaning efforts.

  • Hot spot alert: By examining the amount of devices and locations in specific areas, businesses can disperse or divert traffic from congested areas with real-time, location-based alert. They can also view trends over time to identify certain areas for proactive action.

Determine the location of individuals in real time

On the employee side, the BLE is used to locate each individual, and combined with WiFi to determine these hot zones. ” The advantage over all state solutions: our solutions do not need an applicationsays Jeff Aaron. They can use any device connected to BLE or WiFi: a telephone transmitting Bluetooth signals or even a badge. “Instructs the employer to deploy the system on their site. ” No data is collected by Mist Assures the vice-president.

On the software side, these three new tools, developed since months by the teams of the American firm and grouped in a cloud offer called Premium Analytics, are based on unsupervised machine learning algorithms used to calculate the weakening of propagation (path loss) from signals picked up by the internal network supplied by Mist, i.e. the attenuation of radioelectric energy between the power points of two antennas. ” This formula allows us to measure the strength of the signal sent by each device and to determine the probabilities of its location. “, Details Jeff Aaron. A technology that allows employers to map their site and be alerted in real time.

The solution is currently installed on the sites of more than twenty customers, and some thirty others are currently in the testing phase. In France, Leroy Merlin, one of Juniper Mist’s clients, who may soon be one of them.


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