Iremos and Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise collaborate to provide a crisis management solution

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Iremos and Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise collaborate to provide a crisis management solution

Iremos, a consulting firm and software publisher dedicated to crisis management and the implementation of strategies to ensure site safety and travel security, is proud to announce its collaboration with Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise (ALE) , a provider of communication, network and cloud solutions.

In sensitive periods, keeping a handrail and an action plan with Iremos Crisis allows each member of a crisis cell to follow the development of the situation without being physically assembled. This protocol guides companies through the different key stages and thus facilitates crisis management. However, the animation of situation points can be tricky when the teams are at a distance.

To meet this need, Iremos decided to integrate the Rainbow solution into its platform. This will in fact make it possible, in one click, or automatically, to bring together in an audio and video conference, the actors mobilized within a crisis cell. This combination of solutions will facilitate exchanges and ultimately, decision-making to optimize the actions of companies in this context. It will only be the first phase of a partnership that is set to evolve. Indeed, Iremos wishes to democratize crisis management, through the use of mobile, efficient, visual tools close to consumer applications.

Additional expertise

Building on the Alcatel-Lucent Rainbow solution, which allows its users to communicate instantly, collaborate effectively with their colleagues, their customers (chat, audio or video call, screen sharing, conferences) from a smartphone or computer, ALE offers a unique technical skill complementary to Iremos’ expertise.

Iremos, specialized in crisis management, brings its experience in the establishment of virtual crisis cells; through an agile and proven methodology, the Iremos Crisis platform supports the implementation of an operational organization making it possible to effectively manage any family of crisis.

This already enabled each of the decision-makers to share in real time and consult information throughout the crisis, but today it is evolving and offers, thanks to this partnership, the possibility of exchanging in audio and videoconference in order to facilitate decision-making and guide the actions of the respective teams.

Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise and Iremos are two French players recognized for many years in the fields of technologies, communication and crisis management. The technological partnership initiated at the start of 2020 between these two entities will make it possible to provide, thanks to a sovereign and encrypted solution, guarantees to companies regarding the security challenges of the crisis management and communication tools they use. This complementarity of innovative technologies thus offers optimal crisis management.

The two companies share a common vision based on respect and proximity with the customer and it is therefore natural that they responded positively to the call of Cédric O inviting French Tech players to mobilize in the face of Covid- 19. ALE and Iremos have made their tools available free of charge to French companies to help them continue their activities during this pandemic while ensuring data confidentiality with tools designed for crisis management.


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