Innovation & Startup: When new technologies optimize business work

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Nowadays, it’s hard to imagine a job without some form of technology. New technological developments do more than make our work better: they are sometimes even the source of our jobs. Advances in technology save time and streamline efficiency, allowing us to focus on the essentials. Here are some of the ways technology is helping to get the most out of your business.

New generation computer rental

Having ergonomic, efficient and practical work tools will allow your employees to be more productive at work. Nothing like new generation computers like the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro to allow your employees to use powerful, intuitive and reliable machines. Why replace desktop PCs with Macs? Because they allow you to enjoy a excellent ergonomics in use, a clean and simple user interface, and a higher level of security, not to mention the aesthetic side.

Apple hardware is notoriously more expensive than PCs, but you can benefit from all the advantages of Macs without committing to a significant investment to renew your IT infrastructure (especially at the speed where it becomes obsolete). Indeed, the rental of laptops on the Fleet site allows companies to offer the best computer equipment to its employees, and to ensure their proper functioning over time. This solution also makes it possible to take advantage of a quick intervention for troubleshooting if necessary as well as the replacement of machines every 3 years to maintain optimal performance.

Cloud or cloud computing

Cloud refers to accessing applications over the web, and storing information online instead of traditional local methods (on hard drive, corporate server, etc.). Most of the technologies you rely on today, from storing photos from your mobile phone to Software as a Service software you need to work with, are currently using the Cloud.

Using the Cloud Enables Your Businessavoid data loss if one of the computers or the server goes down. It also allows employees to work from anywhere provided they have an internet connection. In addition, this solution also allows teams to collaborate and share more efficiently while saving time.

Intelligent virtual assistants

Also called virtual personal assistants, intelligent virtual assistants are not just for executives. Many companies are currently integrating these tools within their organizations to increase employee productivity.

A smart virtual assistant can dramatically improve a business’s work environment by answering user questions in real time. It can also help manage operational logistics, such as scheduling meetings. These virtual agents use machine learning algorithms to compile data and improve their own capabilities.

These applications can thus organize the schedule of employees, automate repetitive daily tasks, And much more. There are even intuitive artificial intelligence apps that can anticipate your needs to help you be more efficient.

Secure communication applications

Providing employees with digital communication tools is essential for better organization and cohesion between teams. Using communications applications like Beekeeper or Slack offers many advantages:

  • real-time communication;
  • keep all employees connected through organizational and operational communication functions;
  • facilitate collaboration between employees, anywhere in the world and at any time, in text, audio and video.


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