Innovation & Startup: Opening an LLC in Morocco: advantages and obligations

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Legal or natural persons, resident or not in Morocco can open an LLC or limited liability company in Morocco. Here are the main advantages and obligations related to this legal creation of this company and the many reasons why it is highly appreciable.

Main characteristics of the LLC in Morocco

The limited liability company or SARL created in Morocco is made up of partners. The degree of responsibility of the partners corresponds to the proportion that they own up to their contribution. The LLC in Morocco can integrate from two to fifty partners, but it is still possible to create it with a single partner. It makes it possible to raise funds outside and its constitution is simple. In addition, there is no minimum share capital except that it must be fully subscribed and released at least 25% for the release of contributions. The rest must also be paid within a maximum of five years. Its legal form is a commercial company.

What are the advantageous and simplified incorporation formalities for opening an LLC in Morocco?

First of all, it is necessary to obtain from the OMPIC (Moroccan Office of Industrial and Commercial Property) a negative certificate indicating the corporate name of the future company. The articles of association must include the legal form and the duration of the company, its name, its seat, its object and the amount of the share capital. The rights and duties of the partners must also be included. The manager can then be appointed either in the evening statutes in an independent appointment. Contributions in kind are assessed by an auditor. They are then signed dated and recorded within a month. A deposit of funds is compulsory in the bank account of the company if the capital exceeds 100,000 dirhams. A certificate is then issued by the bank. All incorporation documents are to be filed with the IRC as well as a publication of a constitution notice in a journal of legal notices.

The other advantages of the LLC in Morocco

Being associated in an LLC in Morocco allows you to benefit from good security in the event of termination of payment, because a non-managing partner cannot be sued by creditors. There is also the possibility of opening the capital of the LLC to new partners or easily selling its shares to other partners. Managers can be paid as employees and benefit from social protection. Their contributions are reduced.


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