In full conflict with Beijing, Washington decides an embargo on Hong Kong

In full conflict with Beijing, Washington decides an embargo on Hong Kong Cybersecurity

The cold war between Washington and Beijing now extends to the whole of Chinese territory. The United States has just banned the export to Hong Kong of American equipment and technology that could be used for military purposes. If the restriction only applied so far to mainland China, it has just been extended in response to new Chinese security laws which aim to strengthen Beijing’s control over the archipelago.

“With the imposition by the Chinese Communist Party of new security measures on Hong Kong, the risk of sensitive American technologies being diverted to the Chinese army has increased, while undermining the autonomy of the territory,” the department said. American Commerce. US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo also raised his voice by declaring that the Chinese Communist Party had “gutted the freedoms of Hong Kong” with its new security policies.

“As Beijing prepares to pass the national security law, the United States will today end the export of defense equipment of American origin and will take measures to impose the same restrictions on the technologies of defense and dual-use Americans in Hong Kong they do for China, “details this figure of the Trump administration.

The end of an era for Hong Kong

First reported by New york times, new export ban decided even as Chinese lawmakers are finalizing Hong Kong’s “takeover” via a national security law that could significantly reduce protests and other criticism of the country. Chinese government.

The American decision is not a surprise, however. Washington was indeed planning to ban the export of defense equipment and dual-use technologies last month, as US President Donald Trump announced in late May the removal of certain political exemptions that had treated Hong Kong differently from the rest of mainland China, like the special status of Hong Kong which allows it to have customs and travel territories separate from the rest of China.

The move could have a significant impact on the volume of trade between the United States and China. According to the Hong Kong government, about 6% – $ 10 billion – of mainland China’s imports from the United States were shipped through Hong Kong in 2018.



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