HealthTech and GreenTech seduce IT professionals

Les technologies permettant d Cybersecurity

The health crisis has led IT professionals to be more attracted to the HealthTech, GreenTech and BioTech businesses. Cybersecurity comes at the head of the technological domains taken by the respondents to the study carried out by Trainline and BDM.

Have the aspirations of digital professionals changed during confinement? What is their perception of sectors, technologies and their place in the future? To find out, the Trainline ticket booking platform and BDM, an information site published by Hellowork, interviewed 926 people working in development, project management, design, IT support, the network or even AI. In connection with the health crisis, the results show that the companies acclaimed by IT specialists are those that improve health and the environment. HealthTech logically leads (66%) ahead of GreenTech (63%). Then there is BioTech (42%), FoodTech (25%) and AgriTech (24%). Conversely, fields such as AdTech (6%), InsurTech or PropTech (4%) are struggling to convince.

In terms of the most popular technologies, cybersecurity comes first, cited by 62% of respondents. It is only one point ahead of Artificial Intelligence (61%). 5G, a particularly topical subject since its deployment should begin in the coming months, completes the top three with a score of 53%. This is followed by the data field (51%), followed by virtual reality, the Internet of Things and blockchain. Trainline and BDM also wanted to know what were the determining criteria leading a candidate from the technology sector to join a company. For 92% (87% in February) of those surveyed, values ​​and ethics are considered important or very important in choosing a company. Other choice factors include environmental (88%) and societal (83%) and gender equality (77%). Determinants for 94% of respondents who could change companies because of its values ​​or ethics.

The health crisis, an opportunity to learn

The Covid-19 caused a lack of motivation of tech workers for their work. (Source: Trainline / BDM)

Another lesson brought by this study: If after confinement the majority of digital pros continue to find meaning in their work, the figure is down and goes from 75% in February to 71% in May, a feeling that has reinforced during containment. Again, this health crisis seems to have polarized opinions.

At the same time, this period was used by digital employees to gain skills. 55% of the panel took advantage of this moment to do so. Free online training comes out on top with 34% of users. Then there are the webinars that attracted 20% of the respondents. On the other hand, face-to-face does not seem to have been replaced by paid online formats since only 12% paid for a course or a training resource.


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