Google Cloud releases beta from VM that encrypts data while processing –

Google Cloud releases beta from VM that encrypts data while processing - Cybersecurity

When the Next “20: OnAir virtual event kicks off, Google Cloud announced the integration of two new solutions into its cloud-based data security and analytics offering. The first, Confidential VMs, is part of the Confidential Computing security application portfolio. It is a virtual machine that encrypts the data in use in the RAM. The second, BigQuery Omni, rests on the Anthos application management platform and allows the analysis of data hosted in a multicloud environment.

The search for the Grail in terms of data security in the cloud first involves encrypting data at rest, in transit and also during processing. In addition to the first two types of encryption, Google Cloud now offers encryption of the data being processed.

Confidential VMs from the Confidential Computing portfolio, available in beta version, is a virtual machine that isolates workloads in the cloud. It is based on instruction sets integrated into processors such as Intel SGX (Software guard extensions) and AMD SEV (Secrue encrypted virtualization). Running Confidential VMs does not require any code changes on the part of application developers. Pending Intel, Confidential VMs is only available on machines with second generation AMD Epyc processors.

BigQuery Omni breaks down data in multicloud

BigQuery Omni offers unified analytics across different cloud platforms. Often compartmentalized in internally hosted machines, on proprietary systems, or in multiple clouds, data can be analyzed transparently. This multicloud accessibility integrates Google Cloud, AWS and soon Azure. The solution opens the possibility for companies to connect directly to their data and analyze it without having to migrate or copy data sets. From a single user interface, customers will be able to process their data in the region where it is stored, and benefit from a unified analytical experience.

“Migrating data between different clouds is both painful and costly for our customers,” said Debanjan Saha, managing director and vice president of engineering for the Google Cloud division. “With BigQuery Omni, companies have the openness and portability necessary to decompartmentalize their data and extract information relevant to their business, without incurring the costs of migrating from another supplier to Google Cloud”, he added.

Google Cloud releases beta from VM that encrypts data while processing -
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