Genetec presents its portfolio of solutions dedicated to the public transport sector, to unify security and operations

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Genetec presents its portfolio of solutions dedicated to the public transport sector, to unify security and operations

Transit companies usually use different proprietary and specialized systems that are not interconnected. In order to support the teams in charge of security, IT, vehicle operations and maintenance, Genetec Inc. (“Genetec”), a leader in unified security, public security, operations and business intelligence, today announces the launch of a new range of solutions designed to help public transit companies unify their security and operations from a single, intuitive interface.

Genetec’s public transport portfolio enables the main stakeholders to operate synchronously thanks to a solution that unifies roadside security systems embedded in vehicles with those dedicated to operations and intelligence, taking advantage of of their existing security infrastructure to provide additional information.

Most roadside and in-vehicle systems are developed on separate, proprietary architectures, which require expensive custom upgrades and integrations to communicate with other systems, and only in a rudimentary manner. The migration to an open, unique platform accessible from a single interface makes it possible to unify systems and lay the foundations for better process coordination, effective incident response and more collaborative work. This approach facilitates the creation of internal processes to improve the overall operational efficiency of the business. In addition, public transport companies are increasingly called upon by external partners (neighboring transport companies, police, municipal services, etc.). A unified system establishes an infrastructure that facilitates data sharing while securing it.

At the heart of Genetec’s public transport portfolio, the Genetec Security Center platform is designed to unify video management, access control and automatic license plate recognition (LPR).
With the Security Center Omnicast ™ Video Management System (VMS), transit companies can monitor their infrastructure and vehicles to protect travelers and staff using a wide range of the best equipment in cameras, encoders and video surveillance.

The Security Center Synergis ™ access control system secures entry for staff and travelers, improves compliance, while leveraging the existing network and third-party access control devices.
Security Center AutoVu ™ Automatic License Plate Recognition (LPR) system makes it easier for parking management teams to enforce parking restrictions by locating and counting vehicles of interest such as buses, taxis and shared vehicles, and by providing a real-time inventory of vehicles on access roads and in monitored car parks.

Genetec’s public transport portfolio also includes a number of specific functions for public transport:

Security Center Fleet Monitoring is a unified, non-proprietary solution for configuring and interacting with the various devices on board each vehicle in a fleet, thereby gaining access to live video, GPS location and telematic data.

- Security Center Transportation Sensor Management collects data from many sensors to count people or vehicles entering sites, track occupancy and serve as triggers for procedures.

- Sipelia ™ communications management extends the security of a transit company with SIP communications that promote collaboration between colleagues through integrated audio and video calls, while allowing operating personnel to manage the systems public addressing as well as incoming and outgoing calls from intercom devices.

The portfolio also includes a number of additional options:

- Genetec Mission Control ™ is a collaborative decision management system that allows transit companies to use their existing security sensors and devices to collect and assess data, thereby identifying complex situations and incidents. Once the incidents have been identified, the system triggers a response that allows operators to follow the specific transport processes and meet compliance requirements.

- Genetec Clearance ™ is a collaborative investigation management system designed to accelerate investigations while enabling administrations to securely collect, manage and share evidence from different sources with internal and external stakeholders.

- Streamvault ™ is a range of turnkey security infrastructure solutions ranging from workstations to fully equipped servers, including on-board computers for vehicle fleets.


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