Fujitsu Introduces New Generation of PCs and Workstations –

Fujitsu Introduces New Generation of PCs and Workstations - Cybersecurity

Fujitsu improves its range of Esprimo professional PCs and Celsius workstations, now more flexible and offering more performance to users. These long-life models guarantee chipset design for at least 24 months, to support custom applications. They also have their own characteristics depending on certain uses which dedicate them to specific market segments, such as transport, education or the manufacturing sector. Everyone will be able to find the PCs that best suit their needs, including form factors that adapt to specific workspaces. In a period when the workspace is upset by teleworking and desktop virtualization, this diversified range offers computers ranging from the graphic workstation to the PC hardly more powerful than a thin client.

The Esprimo range offers a complete selection of models equipped with the 10th generation Intel processor, from the Esprimo P series to the new ultra compact Esprimo G9010 mini PC. The Esprimo P series of micro-towers is complemented by the Esprimo P9910, which supports full-length graphics cards and offers four PCIe slots for system expansion. This model has a 680 watt power supply to easily adapt to special expansion cards. The Esprimo P series is highly appreciated by the police, public transport offices and the manufacturing sector, thanks to centralized vPro administration, combined with the latest BIOS and operating system technologies, which guarantee rapid supply. and reduce administration costs.

The Esprimo D-series family introduces a new, smaller 8.3-liter casing for the Esprimo D7010 of the advanced line and Esprimo D9010 of the premium line. The small footprint makes the Esprimo D series an ideal choice for environments where space is limited. Intended for the education and training sectors, as well as public reception environments such as post offices.

The Esprimo Q mini PC is now available in black or white. This model includes an optical drive and a power supply integrated in an elegant case. With up to 11 ports for extended connectivity, the Esprimo Q is suitable for offices and businesses as well as for powering billboards and digital signage.

The Esprimo G series, ultra small, fits in a housing of only 0.9 liters and shows a sound discretion, because built without fans for cooling. It is intended for cramped environments. Powered by a USB cable, it is used for tight spaces, teleworking and in specific cases like billboard systems. Finally, the all-in-one Esprimo K has a sleek, modern look with an elegant white cover and a 24-inch frameless display on three sides. This design update reflects the popular use of all-in-one PCs in highly visible locations such as reception areas, hotel check-in counters and as free public Internet access points. service.

Designed for users who demand more graphics performance, Fujitsu has upgraded two Celsius desktop workstations with 10th generation Intel processors. The new Celsius J5010 system, with its 8.3-liter housing, is 17% smaller than the previous generation, but can accommodate full-height graphics cards, up to the Nvidia Quadro P2200. This powerful and quiet workstation is intended for computer aided design (CAD) as well as for design, visualization, multimedia and manufacturing.

The Celsius W5010 micro tower workstation supports dual-slot professional graphics cards and an optional, more powerful 680-watt power supply. This provides even better graphics performance for the most demanding CAD, computer aided engineering (CAE), media and entertainment applications. The new case can accommodate full-length graphics cards up to the Nvidia Quadro RTX 5000. An additional version of the Celsius W5010, with a life cycle of 36 months, will meet the needs of the security and surveillance sectors, health, telecommunications and the public sector.

Fujitsu Introduces New Generation of PCs and Workstations -
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