Fitbit Launches “Ready for Work” to Track Employees’ Covid-19 Symptoms

Fitbit Launches "Ready for Work" to Track Employees' Covid-19 Symptoms Cybersecurity

Fitbit rolled out a new Covid-19 symptom tracking service called “Ready for Work” on Tuesday. This service allows employees to access key health information, as well as record symptoms, to help them determine if they can return to work safely.

Morning check-in

Every morning, users should log in to Ready for Work and record information about their recent exposure to Covid-19 or test results. They can also record their temperature or report their symptoms. In addition to this information, employees can view changes in their resting heart rate, variability in their heart rate, and their breathing rate. Based on these factors, the service offers daily advice on whether to go to work or stay at home.

Employers, on the other hand, have access to a dashboard allowing them to monitor the readiness of employees to return to work, as well as the potential exposure risks among their staff. They can also check if employees are registered and are using the app. The application is also equipped with communication and alert functionalities.

Fitbit points out that the biometric data collected with the Ready for Work service is more useful for checking the Covid-19 than simple temperature checks or on-site screening.

Powerful tracking tools

“Wearables are powerful because they measure biometric nuances that can potentially indicate the appearance of diseases, which sometimes cannot be detected during a regular visit to a medical office,” says Dr. Michael Snyder, director of the Center for Genomics and Stanford personalized medicine, in a statement via Fitbit.

“When measuring heart rate, even an increase of two heartbeats per minute could indicate a significant immune system response, which is why portable devices can be important tools in assessing the overall health of employees while ‘They are preparing to return to work, especially when assessing the presymptomatic and asymptomatic cases of Covid-19. “

With Ready for Work, employees can also access the Fitbit Care suite of services, which includes webinars, podcasts, videos, and other content from Fitbit health trainers.

In recent years, as Fitbit has struggled to maintain its place in the wearable market, it has increasingly turned to corporate health solutions. By taking advantage of the wealth of data provided by its users and by forging partnerships in the health sector to achieve useful integrations, the company has set up a platform of tools for well-being at work. At the end of 2019, while the company is struggling on the wearable market, Google announces its acquisition of Fitibt for $ 2.1 billion.



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