Feature: mobility for professionals, think the world from

Feature: mobility for professionals, think the world from Cybersecurity

Forced digital transformation, accelerated learning of videoconferencing tools, disruption of sales and recruitment processes; the daily lives of professionals are now different as this unprecedented period ends. More mobile? Better mobile? Update on the mobility tools for professionals in this ZDNet file.

How the crisis has accelerated internal digital transformation

New tools, such as videoconferencing, and more collaborative working methods, have tumbled in companies during the crisis. Constrained to innovate, they have advanced internal digital transformation. However, its outcome is not certain.

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Smartphones and apps, these tools so complementary in confined mobility

Confinement has decreed the reduction or even the end of mobility. And also the smartphone? Professional uses have moved to the laptop, and others have grown. But with a smartphone equipment rate of 95%, the mobile remains rooted in habits.

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How remote working and new ways of working are rooted in business

Sometimes proscribed or simply tolerated, teleworking became widespread during confinement. The crisis was an opportunity to demonstrate its effectiveness, as well as that of collaborative and digital tools. The end of the crisis will therefore be devoted to finding a new balance.

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Physical distance in the office: elevators to go up, stairs to go down

Returning to the office with the constraints of physical distancing forces us to reconfigure the available space, while expanding it to underused places. The point in examples on these mutations complicated to implement.

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Telework, mobile work, flex office / smartphone, tablet, mobile, VDI terminal; is there a universal workstation?

The use of intensive telework raised the question of the workplace. Is there a universal terminal? Ideally, some users would like to combine a laptop or VDI terminal, smartphone or tablet … What to do?

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Cybersecurity and Telework: Unequal Businesses Face Risks

Organizations are not equal when it comes to cybersecurity risks. Their maturity in teleworking tends to define the level of threat they face. Details of risks and good practices in times of crisis.

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Faced with VPNs, what alternatives – proxies, SSL, LS or Cloud options?

The “forced” telework due to the Covid-19 highlighted the imperative to secure all remote access. VPN solutions have often been generalized in large accounts. With substantial investments. What are the alternatives worth, with or without the Cloud?

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Events accelerate its digital transformation with hybridization

Constrained into silence by confinement, the event industry had to switch 100% online. The crisis is also playing an accelerating role in the digital transformation of these companies, some of which are already preparing for the third era of events through hybrid fairs.

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