Fear of a second wave accelerates migration to the cloud –

Fear of a second wave accelerates migration to the cloud - Cybersecurity

Crises are trend accelerators, but when it comes to saving one’s activity, and therefore one’s existence, it is no longer a trend, it is a vital emergency. However, if the rush in the cloud is the majority, it does not concern everyone.

MariaDB Corporation has just released the results of a global study on the impact of Covid-19 on enterprise migration to the cloud. What interests us in this study is not to note, for the umpteenth time, that the crisis has accelerated the digital transition, but in what proportions and at what pace? Knowing that a large part of future resilience rests on the cloud, it is also a question of seeing why certain companies do not migrate, or not completely, their databases.

According to the opinion of IT professionals regarding the changes they have made to date and those they foresee for the future, almost all respondents (99%) around the world declare that the Covid-19 pandemic has had an impact on their business. A slight improvement in the situation is expected for 2021, but 84% expect a lasting impact on their situation. These figures seem, all in all, fairly predictable, however it is the predictions of a second wave that most motivate the migration to the cloud. 74% expect the impact of a second wave of Covid-19, so 51% plan to bring more applications to the Cloud to prepare for it.

Migration accelerated for some, but slowed for others

The impact on cloud adoption plans by companies means that 40% of respondents are accelerating their migration to the Cloud, 38% for France. It also encouraged 38% of companies to prepare for a full migration to the Cloud. Finally, part of those who had done nothing, 32%, are starting their migration to the Cloud.

At the other end of the spectrum, part of the respondents (24%) indicate slowing their migration to the cloud because of the impact of the Covid-19. The highest percentage of slowdown (36%) is observed in the United States and the lowest (12%) in the United Kingdom. Concerning more particularly databases in the Cloud, to the question of what prevents their “total” migration (several answers possible), the results are:

  • security: 73%
  • the price: 46%
  • compatibility: 45%
  • scalability: 35%
  • migration: 33%
  • the lack of multicloud offers: 21%.
Fear of a second wave accelerates migration to the cloud -
Source: itsocial.fr
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