Faced with the need to reduce costs, the IT department can rely on emerging skilled trades –

Faced with the need to reduce costs, the IT department can rely on emerging skilled trades - Cybersecurity

Between resilience, digital transformation and cost reduction, the IT department is in the oven and in the mill. Fortunately, for cost reduction, it can rely on new professions specialized in optimizing expenses.

For CIOs, post-crisis projects are not limited only to strengthening the resilience of the company, by accelerating digital transformation or by perpetuating business developments for business continuity (teleworking, opening of access to business applications to teleworkers, integration of new equipment, etc.). Reducing costs will also be the watermark of what will be asked of them. How can strategic cost management play a crucial role in defining the right actions to prosper and win in these uncertain times? wondered Deloitte in an article on the cost of resilience in the post-Covid-19 era.

In this environment of economic uncertainty, companies are faced with the need to reduce costs in a context where they must also take action, and therefore costs, to deal with any future eventuality. In times of revenue growth, many have not focused on cost performance structurally. As a result, the cost, operating and business models have moved away from each other. This is what Deloitte says in its article. For many companies, cost management has been a strong and recurring imperative every year. However, in a context of revenue growth, many have not focused on cost performance structurally.

IT cost reduction professions

For those who are unprepared, the struggle on several fronts may be fatal. Faced with a drop in turnover, they will have to fight urgently to adjust their cost models. The ISD will also have to make its contribution to participate in the common effort. “Our customers are asking us more and more for controls and cost reductions of the ISD, even more since the health crisis”, explains Thomas Saillars, president of Innov and Co social Consulting, a company which provides services intellectuals in IT and finance with consultants from diverse backgrounds (senior, handicap, ethnic origin).

Thanks to the emergence of professions and practices devoted to reducing the costs of technologies, CIOs can rely on effective human and methodological levers. Software asset management for example, or software asset management in English, is a practice that involves managing the various stages as closely as possible, from purchasing to decommissioning, including deployment, maintenance and use.

There is also the traditional role of the PMO, the IT management controller, who works on both the forecast cost of projects and the cost actually achieved, by implementing KPI indicators to industrialize the project approach and optimize costs. of development. PMOs, in addition to mastering portfolio management tools, must also master reporting tools.

Specialized profiles that rise

Recently released, the Software Asset Manager (SAM) has the daunting task of optimizing software spending, ensuring license compliance and mastering audit tools. He must make an inventory of the licenses used by the company, to scrutinize consumption and uses, in order to accompany the buyer to renegotiate the types of licenses in accordance with the needs of the company. They are also responsible for answering questions from the listeners of software publishers who also come to monitor the consumption of licenses, which they cannot do from outside, notably for security reasons.

Finally, Finops’ profile appeared with the cloud. This position, whose title is based on the contraction of the words Finance and Operations, aims to give visibility and optimize cloud consumption. Finops determine the services necessary for the operation of applications delivered to the cloud at the right price.

Whether integrated into internal teams or as external consultants, these profiles are on the rise. With the economic outlook and the cost reduction imperatives looming, their role in businesses should strengthen in the months and years to come.

Faced with the need to reduce costs, the IT department can rely on emerging skilled trades -
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