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Social media giant Facebook revealed a new incident regarding user privacy on Wednesday. The company said it continues to share user data with about 5,000 developers, even after access to their application has expired. The incident is linked to a security check that Facebook added to its systems after the Cambridge Analytica scandal in early 2018.

Responding to criticism that it allowed app developers to have too much access to user information, Facebook added a new mechanism to its API at the time that prevented apps from accessing a user’s data if the user -this did not use the application for more than 90 days. However, Facebook said it had recently discovered that in some cases this security mechanism did not activate and allowed certain applications to continue accessing user information even after the 90-day deadline.

Konstantinos Papamiltiadis, vice president of partnerships for the Facebook platform, said the engineers fixed the problem the same day they found it. He adds that the company also analyzed internal records to determine the extent of the violation. “Based on the data we have for the past few months, we currently estimate that this problem has enabled approximately 5,000 developers to continue to receive information,” he said.

The company didn’t say how many users were affected, and their data was made available to app developers even after they stopped using the app.

Facebook changes its conditions for devs

The good news, according to Facebook, is that its systems hadn’t released more data than what users originally authorized the app to do, which means that unless users changed their profile details, applications already had this user data in their files.

But in addition to the disclosure of a new privacy breach, Facebook has also announced new conditions and policies for its development platform.

Konstantinos Papamiltiadis explains that the new conditions limit the information that developers can share with third parties without receiving the express consent of Facebook users, and also guarantee that developers clearly understand that they have a responsibility to protect the data of Internet users. they use the Facebook platform and user base to start their own business.

In recent months, Facebook has filed several lawsuits against application developers who have abused its platform, and new developer conditions and policies will be a new weapon in the company’s legal arsenal against developers who break its rules.

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