Cyberang Revil creates auction site for stolen star data

Cyberang Revil creates auction site for stolen star data Cybersecurity

Hackers behind the Revil ransomware – also known as Sodin and Sodinokibi – have started as planned to auction stolen data from companies, personalities and stars. Those for US President Donald Trump are proposed to start at $ 1 million.

The sale of data (personal, industrial secrets, contracts …) on the dark web is far from being recent. But over time the means put in place by cyber hackers to sell their loot have evolved to adopt a model of auction site comparable to that which exists for example on eBay. The group of hackers behind the infamous ransomware Revil (also known as Sodin and Sodinokibi) has thus set up a site to sell stolen data from companies but also personalities and stars called Happy Blog. Earlier in the year, the cybergang had published some examples of stolen data and threatened ransomed companies to publish in mass in the event of non-payment as had been the case with the law firm GSMLaw.

The auction site put online by cyber hackers works in a simple way: “After registration, you must make a deposit of 10% of the starting price. At the end of the auction, this amount will be refunded (except the blockchain commission) “, indicates the cybergang. “If you don’t pay your bid on the winning auction, you will lose your deposit. This is done to avoid false auctions ”. All transactions are carried out in Monero cryptocurrency (XMR).

Immediate purchase of stolen data also possible

The first victim whose data is put up for auction is an American food distributor with an auction set at 100,000 dollars. But it is possible to buy them immediately for a “canon price” of $ 200,000. The second company concerned is a Canadian agricultural company whose stolen data is available from $ 50,000 (immediate purchase for $ 100,000).

The cybergang doesn’t stop with the auctioning of company data. Personalities and stars are also targeted, including no more and no less than Donald Trump. The auction of personal data on the President (more than 160 emails) will start at $ 1 million. Soon, it will also be Madonna who should suffer the same fate as well as “other stars” warned the pirates.


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