Create your La Poste Digital Identity without leaving your home –

Create your La Poste Digital Identity without leaving your home - Cybersecurity

Since May 27, a 100% online system has enabled you to create your La Poste Digital Identity at home. This novelty is a first for a digital identity attested to the level of substantial guarantee according to the European eIDAS regulation. Identity verification is done directly using a webcam and its ID. Secure thanks to its double authentication process, L’Identité Numérique La Poste facilitates access to 700 administrative sites and paves the way for the development of new remote services, in banking or health for example, requiring a high level of security .

No need to leave your home to create your secure electronic identity! Since Wednesday May 27, La Poste has been offering a 100% dematerialized creation path for its Digital Identity launched in early 2020. All you have to do is go to the La Poste Digital Identity site and register with it a valid ID.

Identity verification is carried out online via the webcam of the user’s computer or smartphone. A modality which is added to the existing possibilities passing by the programming of a meeting at home with his postman or the displacement to his post office. Once the identity of the user has been verified, the activation code for the service is then sent by electronic registered letter. All that remains is to download the La Poste Digital Identity application on your smartphone and set your secret code. That’s it !

A key to new digital uses

The La Poste Digital Identity facilitates and secures online procedures. No more headache of multiple identifiers and passwords to connect to the websites of partner administrations and companies. With a single identifier, the identification and authentication solution offered by La Poste allows you to connect to 700 administrative sites via FranceConnect.

If the service already saves time in its online procedures and protects itself from identity theft attempts, La Poste’s solution offers prospects for innovative uses in many areas. In terms of health, the user can fill out a pre-admission file at the hospital or give his consent. In the banking and insurance sector, L’Identité Numérique La Poste will facilitate the opening of a bank account, the signing of a contract or a loan.

While 100% of the administrative procedures will soon be available online, L’Identité Numérique La Poste will help develop and simplify exchanges between citizens and administrations, such as registration procedures with local authorities such as the school canteen.

Finally, The Digital Identity La Poste makes possible the upcoming implementation of new La Poste services simplifying the lives of individuals such as sending and receiving registered letters all electronic (from sender to recipient) or securing enhanced access to the Digiposte digital mailbox.

All sectors of daily life will be affected by the acceleration of the development of online services. The La Poste digital identity is positioned as the secure key to access this new digital world.

Create your La Poste Digital Identity without leaving your home -
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