Comcyber launches summer hack competition

Comcyber launches summer hack competition Cybersecurity

Attaches to the Minister of Arms, the Command of cyberdfense launches from June 22 to July 26, 2020 a hack contest called What hacker are you? . Fifteen tests are offered including penetration test and digital investigation and are a good way for participants to show their talents and why not, get recruited.

Hacking competitions in France are legion. From Hack in Paris to the Nuit du Hack via Breizh CTF or the recent France Cybersecurity Challenge (FCSC) launched by ANSSI, there are countless competitions to distinguish champions of piracy. Internationally, we will remember the “Hack the Pentagon” event launched in 2017 in the United States by the defense department, which no doubt gave ideas to the Cyber ​​Defense Command (Comcyber), attached to the Ministry of the Armed Forces, to launch his own challenge, called “Which hacker are you?” “

“The Cyber ​​Defense Command has decided to innovate and offer a Capture The Flag challenge to the cyber community. Our goal: to identify new talents and support the recruitment of the Armies by a playful operation and appreciated by the community ”, indicated to us a spokesperson of the ministry for the Armies. “This challenge accompanies the rise of the domain within the ministry. As a reminder, the 2019-2025 programming law provides for the recruitment of more than 1,000 cyber combatants. This challenge is therefore a good way to test the fighting spirit of potential future recruits and perhaps make them want to join the team. “

A technical platform operated by Sysdream

Started on June 22 and ending on July 26, 2020, this competition is structured around fifteen tests divided into three categories (easy, intermediate and difficult) covering various fields including penetration testing and digital investigation. “Based on a realistic scenario, the tests were designed to cover the entire spectrum of our professions and certain aspects of our missions,” said the spokesperson. To date, more than 800 participants have been registered and four of them have already obtained more than 1,000 points. It is possible to follow the evolution of the ranking here. On the technical side, the platform was set up by Sysdream, bought by Hub One in 2018 to strengthen itself in cybersecurity training and audit services.


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