Colt offers Colt IP Access to customers of Microsoft SaaS services

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Colt Technology Services announces a strengthening of its partnership with Microsoft by providing dedicated and cloud-optimized Internet connectivity to businesses using Microsoft’s SaaS services, notably Microsoft Teams and Microsoft 365. This announcement comes while the Microsoft Azure Peering peering service Service is now available. Colt brings increased performance through the optimization of end-to-end routing and prioritization of flows through its cloud prioritization service for IP access.

Colt Technology Services is one of the network service providers in Europe to have participated in the launch of Microsoft’s peering service in November 2019. As of now, Colt’s Cloud Prioritization Service for IP Access service offers a better customer experience by ensuring that Microsoft Teams and Microsoft 365 flows are optimized from start to finish, including the last kilometer. This optimization is now accessible from all customer sites connected via Colt IP Access to Azure.

The improvement in this integration makes it possible to prioritize the end-to-end priorities between the client’s subsidiary site and Azure. This means that users will benefit from reliable and efficient connectivity with latencies guaranteed by service level agreements, even in the event of congestion at the last kilometer level. Colt also confirms that no data will go through a third-party IP network, other than that of Colt and Microsoft. This guarantee contributes to the security of the offer.

Colt’s Cloud Prioritization Service for IP Access offers the Colt IQ network. This network connects more than 29,000 online office buildings, more than 900 data centers and more than 25,000 customers across
the world. Deployed and fully owned by Colt, this dense fiber optic network enables businesses to benefit from a seamless, end-to-end connection to the cloud.

An Azure Express Route partner since 2014, Colt is a Microsoft Gold Partner that provides secure, reliable, real-time access to Azure. With an additional offering with Cloud Prioritization Service, businesses can now benefit from a market-leading experience for their Microsoft SaaS applications.

Cloud Prioritization Service is available in Europe now and will be available in Asia before summer 2020.


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