Boomi Launches iPaaS Platform Connector for Amazon EventBridge

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Boomi (Dell Technologies group) announces the integration of the Boomi platform with Amazon EventBridge, thereby extending its support capabilities to event-driven (EDA) architectures. Amazon EventBridge is a serverless event bus that easily connects data from applications, embedded Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications, and Amazon Web Services (AWS). As an advanced technology partner in the AWS network (AWS Partner Network) and a leader in integration, Boomi is the first iPaaS provider to offer turnkey support for Amazon EventBridge and to include additional and innovative connectivity features and integration.

With this new integration, IT departments can now use the Boomi connector for Amazon EventBridge as the source for their Amazon EventBridge integrations. In concrete terms, this allows them to easily and transparently connect their new or existing Boomi integrations to additional AWS services via Amazon EventBridge, but also to third-party data sources, SaaS and custom applications, or even to data sources. on site and from the Internet of Things (IoT). In addition, customers who are already using Amazon EventBridge will be able to take advantage of Boomi’s unique solutions for EDA-like environments, including:

• Customer Support

• Security operations

• Commercial operations

• Follow-up of requests

• Registration in the directory

• Updates of customer data

Amazon EventBridge simplifies the creation and management of event-driven applications by supporting event processing and delivery from AWS, security, authorization, and error handling. On the Amazon EventBridge console, you can choose an event source and select a target from the list of AWS services. Amazon EventBridge automatically distributes events in real time. The Boomi Connector for Amazon EventBridge allows you to send an unlimited number of events (data) to AWS via Amazon EventBridge event buses, which can then forward them to targeted AWS services.

The Boomi connector for Amazon EventBridge uses identity and access management (AWS Identity and Access Management) to authenticate AWS users. Thanks to this connector, it is possible to use a Boomi integration process to create events in JSON format.


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