BLEU JOUR integrates CopSonic technology into its KUBB computers for contactless access and continuous ultrasonic authentication

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BLEU JOUR integrates CopSonic technology into its KUBB computers for contactless access and continuous ultrasonic authentication

BLEU JOUR announces a partnership with the French company CopSonic, inventor of a communication technology allowing the exchange of secure data by ultrasound via the speakers and microphone of all electronic devices. This agreement allows BLEUJOUR to expand its offer with companies with additional security services and functions. 1st possibility available from July 2020, the integration of the “Contactless login” function and continuous authentication from a mobile phone on all its KUBB computers.

SonarKey, a unique and ultra-secure solution for “logging in” via the mobile phone’s speaker and microphone!

The SonarKey function, allows each user to log in without contact (antikeylogging) at his workstation thanks to the ultrasound emitted by the speakers and microphone of his mobile phone which will authenticate his presence in the room and his access (login and word password) via its acoustic signature. This is authenticated in less than two seconds, either via the mobile application, if he has a smartphone (iOS or Android) or by a phone call if he is equipped with a 1st generation mobile phone or if uses the company’s corded telephone. This unique technology therefore has the immense advantage of being compatible with all mobile phones:

For smartphone owners who wish to avoid theft of their identity at all times, it is also possible to continuously ensure its authentication via the dedicated mobile application. This can be activated or deactivated using the CopSonic tool installed in the PC.

New developments to come by the end of the year:

Bleu Jour and CopSonic are working today to offer additional security functions to businesses: “We are very pleased to initiate a 100% Made In France collaboration with Bleujour, which addresses the same commercial target as that of Sonarkey. For us, this is a beautiful showcase because the spirit of Bleujour is that of effective products and a ” French Touch ” aesthetic, which we wish to complete with more security, without compromising on experience. user. Their experience in waiting for their customers will also allow us to develop new uses that we might not have thought of and that is why this partnership makes sense, “comments Emmanuel Ruiz, CEO of CopSonic.

Two functions will soon be available:

1. Continuous authentication of your presence from a web application (no need to install an application on the smartphone).

2. File encryption for exchanging files between Kubbs computers using ultrasound as the file encryption / decoding key.


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