Bitdender: State of the art of cybersecurity in business

Bitdender: State of the art of cybersecurity in business Cybersecurity

Organizations often discover the value of cybersecurity at their expense, after making mistakes that have caused incidents and cost them dearly. Even though many companies have security solutions in place to protect their network and sensitive information, most discover – too late – that it is not enough, especially after experiencing a data breach.

Not all companies have the same definition of what a good security policy is. Some take the issue very seriously, conscientiously train their staff, cover all aspects of security and sometimes even go as far as running bug bounty programs. Conversely, others are little interested in cybersecurity or, when they are dedicated to it, it is only by obligation to respect the regulations in force. Generally, they only seek to cover the main elements of their infrastructure.

In cybersecurity, proactive measures are always preferable, because in the long term they save a lot of time. However, practice shows that some companies discover the value of cybersecurity at their expense, after making mistakes that caused incidents and cost them dearly. Proactive measures include the adoption of complex cybersecurity solutions that protect all infrastructures, from endpoints to virtualized environments via mobile devices, the cloud and connected objects; staff training; implementing patch application strategies or developing an action plan in the event of a data breach. Fortunately, the entry into force of the GDPR has somewhat improved the situation as companies affected by this regulatory framework are now required to comply with a minimum set of security measures.

In addition, when setting up a solid cybersecurity system, businesses face two major problems: the cost and the shortage of qualified personnel. Some companies do not have sufficient budgets to protect themselves completely, especially when their needs go beyond traditional endpoint protection and when it is also necessary to secure virtualized environments, for example. In addition, qualified personnel are essential to implement and maintain an effective security strategy on the corporate network. These staff are scarce and expensive.

Therefore, in cybersecurity, the most important thing is that companies can put up a solid defense to be safe from any data breach. Given the circumstances created by the coronavirus pandemic, which forced most employees to work from home, these safety measures must be supplemented by tools which allow risk management and execution of security analyzes on endpoints. This is the best way to continuously assess, prioritize, and address any configuration issues and vulnerabilities that may arise, in the short term as well as in the long term.

And if there is a choice between prevention and visibility, the focus should always be on preventing violations. Most cyber attacks are aimed at the theft of information, such as customer data or intellectual property. It is actually better to detect a violation as soon as possible, but the ideal is simply to prevent it from happening. However, this is only possible when companies use an appropriate security solution and implement effective policies in this area. This is where Bitdefender GravityZone Elite comes in, an integrated endpoint protection, risk management and attack investigation platform that incorporates multiple levels of defense to prevent cyberattacks. Because once hackers have managed to force the security perimeter of the company and get their hands on confidential information, companies must commit large sums of money to repair the damage, not to mention the attack on the reputation and business losses that such an incident can cause.

Bitdender: State of the art of cybersecurity in business

Sample cybersecurity risk report for a business – Bitdefender GravityZone interface

The Covid-19 crisis confronts businesses with new scenarios and new threats. Remote working has changed the way IT security works, because employees and the devices they use are no longer in the more or less protected environment of the network. From now on, corporate endpoints must “live” in domestic networks, potentially hostile and poorly configured, on which a simple switch connected to 5 € can cause serious problems.

Learn more about how Bitdefender GravityZone can more effectively protect your business and thus ensure business continuity.

Bitdender: State of the art of cybersecurity in business


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