Apple wants to improve password security

Apple wants to improve password security Cybersecurity

Apple released a free toolkit and resource kit this Friday to help developers of password management apps – but also other apps – generate strong passwords.

The new tools, grouped under the name “Password Manager Resources”, were put online on GitHub on Friday. According to Apple, these new tools are primarily intended to help developers of password management applications create a better experience for users.

An old problem

Apple hopes in this way to solve a long-standing problem concerning password management applications, which have an impact on users of all operating systems, and not just macOS and iOS.

The problem is that if password managers create strong, unique passwords, these passwords are often not compatible with the websites for which they are created.

The user encountering an error when generating a random password then often chooses their own password. However, it is generally shorter and less secure than that normally generated by the application.

Tools published by Apple include lists of password selection rules for many of the most popular websites:

Apple wants to improve password security

Apple says that the password managers who use its rule list will start generating passwords that are both strong and unique, but also compatible with the websites they are used for. The goal is to optimize the user experience by reducing errors and cases where users have to choose their password – a situation that the tech giant wants to avoid.

An open source project

The Apple firm has also released a list of websites that share login credentials with each other. She hopes this “will make suggestions for filling in passwords more useful.”

Apple has shared another list of URLs, containing websites that are currently redirecting users to change their passwords. According to her, this list could be useful for developers of password management applications. Indeed, if the application detects a weak password, it can bring the user directly to the password modification page, rather than letting him find the way by himself.

Apple adds that its “Password Manager Resources” kit is open source, partly because the goal is for password managers to integrate these rules, and partly because it wants them to contribute to the project by bringing their own point of view, all this in order to improve user safety.



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