Android: Microsoft launcher receives a major facelift

Android: Microsoft launcher receives a major facelift Cybersecurity

Microsoft has just launched the sixth version of its Android home screen application on the Google Play store. This new launcher follows a six-month preview phase which allowed the latest innovations to be presented to the general public. This version of the Microsoft launcher partly shares the appearance of the future dual-screen device Duo from Microsoft, expected later this year.

Launchers allow you to personalize the home screen of a smartphone and have new features. Like other publishers, Microsoft rushed into the breach in 2015 with its own homemade launcher, Arrow, now built on a new code base that allows its sixth version to offer several new features.

It thus has a dark theme and respects the default settings of the dark mode of Android. The launch application now loads faster and uses less memory, which relieves the battery. It now has a landscape mode and offers personalized updates of the information flow with the best trends.

A new sound experience

Microsoft’s launcher has new experience with adjusting sound in Settings> System> Sound> Manage sound devices. It allows users to know which device is default and to choose a sound device as default device or default communication device. The Windows 10 search bar has a new design with a two-column layout. On the left are recent activities and on the right are quick searches on topics such as the weather, news, today’s story and new movies.

There is also a modernized settings icon in the Start menu, with tiles that adapt to light and dark themes. In terms of security, an experimental implementation of Transport Layer Security (TLS) 1.3 is activated by default in the preview of build 20170.

Microsoft has fixed numerous vulnerabilities affecting Windows 10 on different hardware and lists a handful of known issues, including the fairly serious issue that causes some systems to crash with a HYPERVISOR_ERROR bug check.

Persistent defects

But a launcher cannot do everything, as Microsoft explains. “You have to download the Microsoft Launcher from the Google Play store. Downloading Microsoft Launcher will replace the default launcher. The Microsoft Launcher does not reproduce the home screen of the user’s PC on the Android phone. Users should always buy and / or download new apps from Google Play, “said Microsoft.

The launcher is also not free from faults. Android 10 navigation gestures may not work on all phones, and the system-level dark theme only works on Android 8.0 and later. Sticky note sync issues may occur after upgrading to version 6 and notification badges may need to be re-enabled after the upgrade.

Microsoft announced the Launcher update as part of the new version of Windows 10 build 20170 in preview. This preview for Windows Insiders in the Dev channel is currently not available for PCs equipped with an AMD processor due to a “bug affecting the overall usability of these PCs”.



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