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Aging network equipment - Cybersecurity

Companies are recording an increase in the obsolescence of their equipment on their network, exposing them to cybersecurity risks according to a study from NTT Ltd. A study based on data from technological assessments carried out with a thousand client companies and covering more than 800,000 network devices.

NTT Ltd’s 2020 Global Network Insights Report study shows an indirect effect of migration to the cloud. As companies migrate their applications to multicloud environments, their investments in on-premises infrastructure decrease in favor of those in the cloud.

As a result, half (48.9%) of companies’ equipment is now aging or obsolete, compared to 13% in 2017. This lengthening of renewal cycles marks the maximum exploitation of their network fleet.

Aging network equipment -

This development is not without consequence. The COVID-19 pandemic and the ensuing over-consumption of bandwidth are putting the network to the test, adding to the pre-existing problems creating all the conditions for a crisis.

Aging network equipment -

With the intensification of telework, remote access and the use of voice and video services, companies’ communication and security infrastructures are under increasing pressure.

However, the study reveals that many companies prefer to continue to make the most of their existing network and to curb their investments in the re-architecture of their on-site communication and security infrastructures.

This results in a proliferation of obsolete and uncorrected network equipment presenting software vulnerabilities, exposing companies to risks and threats to information security.

Aging network equipment -

Obsolete equipment has, on average, twice as many vulnerabilities (42.2) as aging (26.8) or up-to-date (19.4) models. These risks are accentuated when companies do not install patches or updates to the operating system of an equipment throughout its lifetime. However, they continue to neglect this operation.

“The network is the company’s digital transformation platform. It must be ubiquitous, flexible, robust and secure to easily adapt to market developments, while improving the maturity of the operational support environment. Businesses using a high level of network intelligence and automation to optimize their operations will gain a competitive edge and take advantage of the cloud economy securely. Says Rob Lopez, EVP Smart Infrastructure at NTT Ltd.

Source: NTT Ltd.
Aging network equipment -
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