5G doors close for Huawei

5G doors close for Huawei Cybersecurity

The doors of the British 5G market are closing in front of Huawei. The Chinese manufacturer has thus seen its access to the deployment of 5G networks across the Channel prohibited by the British authorities due to the strong diplomatic tensions between London and Beijing, against a backdrop of health crisis, of Hong Kong’s regulated cutting by the regime. Chinese or trade war with the United States.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Tuesday ordered that Huawei’s equipment be completely purged of the British 5G network by 2027, at the risk of further worsening the Sino-British relationship.

The London decision is partly due to heavy US pressure on the
Prime Minister Boris Johnson to return to the
decision taken in January to grant Huawei a limited role in the
5G deployment. As a reminder, the Trump administration considers the
Shenzhen firm as a Trojan horse of China within
British communications networks.

Huawei banned by 2027

During a highly anticipated press briefing held on Tuesday, the British Secretary of State for Digital, Oliver Dowden explained that he sealed the future of Huawei across the Channel by indicating that “following the American sanctions against Huawei and technical advice
updated from our cyber experts, the government decided it was
necessary to ban Huawei from our 5G networks. “

As a result, “no new kit should be added from January 2021, and British 5G networks will no longer rely on Huawei hardware by the end of 2027,” said the manager, rejoicing at this ” decisive measure “intended to bring” the clarity and certainty it needs to continue to provide 5G throughout the UK “.

Priority therefore seems to be given to Huawei’s competitors, as the British government has also signified. “The first thing we need to do is make sure that we protect the other two suppliers in this market, so Nokia and Ericsson. Then we have to bring in new suppliers, starting with Samsung and NEC,” said Oliver Dowden, after an intervention in the form of a declaration of war against Chinese manufacturers.

Competition rubs hands

Message received five out of five by Huawei’s competitors. “We have the capacity and expertise to replace all Huawei equipment in UK networks at the scale and speed required, and we are ready to support the implementation of the British government’s decision with minimal impact on people using our customers’ networks, “said Cormac Whelan, general manager of the UK branch of Nokia.

For Arun Bansal, president of the European and Latin American branch of Ericsson, “the decision of the British authorities lifts the uncertainty which slowed down investment decisions around the deployment of 5G in the United Kingdom”.

As the latter assures, “Ericsson has the technology, experience and supply chain capacity to deal with this situation without disrupting customers.”

Decision regretted by British operators

The fact remains that the London decision is not unanimous across the Channel. “We are obviously disappointed because this decision – as the government has pointed out today – will further delay the deployment of 5G in the UK and cause additional costs for the industry,” Vodafone management said. .

The British operator BT for its part indicated to have already limited the breakage, by slipping that the prohibition made to Huawei to take part in the deployment of 5G would not cost him more than 500 million pounds (630 million dollars) that it had planned to pay to the Shenzhen firm to comply with a ceiling imposed earlier this year. BT was already working on removing Huawei’s equipment from its EE mobile network to comply with the limitation of Huawei’s presence in 5G networks.

Finally, the British decision did not fail to react to the first interested party. “Instead of ‘leveling up’, the government is leveling down and we invite it to reconsider its decision. We remain convinced that the new American restrictions would not have affected the resilience or the safety of the products we supply in the United Kingdom, “regretted the Huawei staff, which says it has not said its last word in this highly political dossier.

Source: www.zdnet.fr

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