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5 good reasons to switch to electronic signature - Cybersecurity

Recognized legally in the European Union for 20 years now, the electronic signature is experiencing a real boom today! In a few years, it has become an essential element in the digital transformation of any business. So if you still hesitate to set it up, we give you 5 key arguments that will make you jump!

1Telework will no longer be a problem

Telework, which until then had been little favored by French companies, experienced its peak during the health crisis. Many employees found themselves having to work from home overnight, even though their working methods were unsuitable. How then to move forward with the signing of documents if employees, customers and service providers do not have a printer and scanner or if they cannot meet physically? The electronic signature has been able to respond to this challenge, by allowing companies to maintain their activities, whether HR, commercial or administrative. Indeed, the electronic signature allows you to sign any document or contract online in a legal and secure manner, from any device (smartphone, tablet, computer) with internet access.

2No more tedious administrative tasks: your employees will thank you

Printing of contracts in multiple copies, sending by mail, scanning, archiving… That was before! With the electronic signature, all these time-consuming and repetitive tasks are eliminated. The implementation of digital tools simplifies the daily lives of your employees by automating many tasks. They will be able to do their work more efficiently and focus on more valuable tasks. This is a real factor of satisfaction and motivation for the latter, who will feel more productive, valued and proud of their work. This will allow you to improve the employee experience in a sustainable way.

3You will improve the efficiency of your contract management processes

Setting up an electronic signature is not just a matter of adopting a technological tool but the opportunity to rethink your contract management processes in depth. It’s about creating new, more efficient and fluid workflows, with the goal of improving the productivity of your teams while reducing costs. By integrating an electronic signature solution into your usual software (CRM, ERP, HRIS, etc.) you will be able to streamline your processes and trigger actions automatically (archiving, invoicing, order preparation, etc.). By limiting manual actions, you can save time and significantly reduce the risk of errors.

4Accelerated sales cycles and better customer experience: a competitive advantage over the competition

If you want to implement electronic signature in your business processes, you will undoubtedly notice the positive effect on your sales! The use of electronic signatures will allow you to speed up your sales processes while minimizing the time required to reach an agreement. The customer can sign their contract in seconds, wherever they are, you will eliminate unnecessary delays. And your sales teams will be able to benefit from the advantages of an electronic signature solution (streamlining of processes, automated sales monitoring, etc.) and thus dedicate themselves 100% to their core business. In addition, by simplifying the signing experience (the ability to sign online without constraints), you will help improve the customer experience. You will be able to meet their digital expectations by offering a 100% digital, smooth and seamless contracting process. This will give the image of a modern and innovative company: a real vector of trust.

5Less paper, for better respect for the environment

Do you care about the environment and want to reduce the environmental impact of your business? The dematerialization of contract management processes is a key step towards a “zero paper” policy. Indeed, with the electronic signature it is no longer necessary to print your documents to sign them. This represents a great saving in paper, but it also makes it possible to reduce the transport linked to the mailing of documents and their associated CO2 emissions. Over the past 12 months, Signaturit has calculated that the use of its electronic signature solution by its customers has saved 43 million pages of A4 paper, saving nearly 2,000 trees. An economy far from negligible!

So convinced? Do not wait any longer to set up the electronic signature in your company. It is the essential digital tool of 2020, allowing to combine efficiency, agility and security!

By Jonathan Verger, Account Executive at Signaturit France

Source: itsocial.fr
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